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Do you want to receive comprehensive protection against all forms of malware? Do you want to surf the Internet safely without falling victim to hackers and fraudsters? Or do you want an optimized computer that runs smoothly without any performance issues? If so, Avira Internet Security Suite might be the perfect fit for. By including both Avira Antivirus Pro and Avira System Speedup in one neat package, Avira Internet Security Suite lets you easily perform all of the aforementioned tasks, and much more.

How It Works

Avira Internet Security Suite give you access to one of the best antivirus solutions in business. Using features such as AHeAD heuristics and Protective Cloud, Avira Antivirus Pro provides complete protection against all forms of malware whether you are online or offline. Thanks to its heuristics engine, you can now stay protected even against unknown zero-day threats that aren’t yet registered on malicious signature databases, while Avira’s proprietary Protective Cloud technology lets millions of users actively share malicious information with the cloud so that unknown threats can be checked against for an increased detection rate.

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Malware Scanning

Avira Internet Security Suite , in addition to its heuristics and cloud-based protective technologies, features multiple live shields that automatically check detected threats against a continuously updated malicious signature database. The application also provides manual scan methods, where you can either search your entire PC or select locations for hidden malware such as spyware, trojans, and rootkits. You can also automate this process with the use of a built-in task scheduler feature, where you can configure Avira Antivirus Pro to scan for malware at specific intervals, and even set sessions to recur as an additional protective measure against malicious items that bypasses live shields.

Protection Online

The antivirus utility also protects you while surfing the Internet and focuses on preventing malicious items from infecting your PC in the first place. By adding its own rules to the Windows Firewall, you can stay protected by actively scanning all applications for suspicious incoming and outgoing data transmissions. The application also features two additional options in the form of Web Protection and Mail Protection, where you can use the former to stay protected against malicious I-frames that load exploits through Web pages, and the latter as protection against emails that use email clients as the source of targeted attacks.

Avira System Speedup

How It Works

With Avira System Speedup, Avira Internet Security Suite gives you access to a range of PC management tools. Although heavily weighed on the disk cleanup-side of things, Avira System Speedup also focuses on improving system performance and creating file backups of critical features. Each time that you start Windows, the application scans for issues — junk files, registry errors, private data, and boot speeds — on your PC and notifies you of any areas that require attention. While you can let Avira System Speedup automatically take case of any issues for you, you can also take matters into your own hands for a more complete optimization procedure.

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Available Tools

Avira System Speedup separates its multitude of optimization tools under grouped sections:


Under File, you can find all options that focus on removing unnecessary files from your computer — Find Duplicate Files and Find Zero-Byte Files. In addition, you can use Encrypt and Decrypt Files to encrypt items to protect confidential information, and the File Shredder feature to securely delete items and prevent file recovery.


The Disk section includes the Disk Defragmenter, Disk Analyzer, Disk Wiper, and Disk Doctor options, where you can defragment files for faster hard drive performance, scan drive partitions for files and folders, format drives securely, and analyze drives for errors.


Features the Registry Defragmenter for a faster system registry, Drivers to analyze driver-related information, Service Manager to manage and free up system resources, and Process Manager to monitor system processes.


Features multiple options that allows you to repair network connections (Repair Network), manage Internet Explorer profile settings (Internet Explorer Manager), and manage applications that use network connections (Network Manager).


Allows you to backup critical components such as the system registry, master boot record, confidential files and folder, etc., and also allows you to restore changes made by the application — available options include Back Up or Restore Registry, Back Up or Restore MBR, Back Up Files or Folders, and Restore Changes.


Provides Avira’s own custom program remover — Uninstaller — where you can completely remove applications without messing up the system registry. Also lets you remove corrupted applications that cannot be uninstalled normally.


Allows you recover deleted files and create system restore points — available options include Recover Files and System Restore.

Additional Features

Avira System Speedup also features various other settings that allows for a much faster computer. You can, for example, manage and disable certain startup process to improve boot speeds, switch power profiles to focus on performance or efficiency, clear browsing data off all installed Web browsers to preserve privacy, and exclude certain files and folders from being accessed by Avira System Speedup.

Should I Buy It?

By giving you access to a wealth of features, Avira Internet Security Suite establishes its reputation as one of the finest security solutions currently available. Not only does the security suite do a great job at protecting your PC by giving you access to Avira Antivirus Pro, but it also includes the versatile Avira System Speedup optimization utility that allows for a much faster PC. If you are looking for complete PC protection while also running it at maximum