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Avira System Speedup offers a comprehensive set of different useful tools for optimizing and configuring your computer on the one hand and increasing performance of the operating system on the other hand.

All tools are divided into three sections- System Cleaner, System Optimizer and Tools.

System Cleaner section contains four tools- Junk File Cleaner (it allows you to clean the system and remove unnecessary and obsolete files from it); Registry Cleaner (this tool will help you to search the Windows registry for obsolete and incorrect entries and clean them); Privacy Cleaner (with the help of this tool you can get rid of privacy traces in your system, i.e. log files, browser cookies, and so on); Smart Defragmenter (it allows you to defragment your hard drive and increase system performance).

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System Optimizer section contains four tools, i.e. Startup Manager (for managing all startup items and applications); Network Manager (for configuring your Internet connection and options); Process Manager (it allows you to view and control all running system processes) and Service Manager (it provides you with detailed info about each services running in the system).

Tools category is divided into four sections- Tune-up, drivers, Uninstaller and File recovery. Each section provides you with a lot of different tolls for correcting, improving or optimizing computer performance, security and speed.

Tune-up section is divided into three sub-sections- File tune-up, Advanced utilities and Super utilities.

File tune-up sub-section offers six tools for managing files, i.e. Duplicate file finder (it allows you to scan all hard disks or selected folders and find and remove duplicate files from the computer); Zero-byte file scanner (it is intended for finding and removing so called zero-byte files, i.e. those files which do not contain any info and vainly occupy disk space); Empty folder scanner (this tool will help you quickly examine the content of each folder, find those folders which do not contain any files and manually remove them); Disk analyzer (this tool is intended for analyzing the entire content of your hard drive and getting thorough and detailed info about each file and folder. It provides you with details about the largest files or folders and how much space they occupy in your hard drive); Backup and restore registry (this tool allows you to back up the Windows registry and restore it easily in the event of the system crash) and File and folder backup (this tool provides quick access to the Windows in-built tool “Backup and Restore”).

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Advanced Utilities sub-section offers four tools, i.e. Copy (with the help of this tool you have the possibility to unlock locked or hidden files and easily move them to the new location simply by specifying their path); Internet Explorer Manager (this tool allows you to manage and control the most widely used browser; you can configure the start or home pages of Internet Explorer, specify the list of trusted websites and cookies, and so on); Disk Doctor (this tool is designed for searching file system errors on your hard drive. It will thoroughly examine your disk and display all found errors. Unfortunately, you cannot fix and correct errors but the main advantage of this tool is that you will be informed about your hard disk problems and back up important files before replacing it with a new one) and Context Menu Manager (this tool allows you to manage the Windows context menu, i.e. those items and applications which can be accessed and used with the right click of the mouse).

Super Utilities section includes six different tools which allow you to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized use on the one hand and defragment and repair registry and network on the other hand; they are as follows:

File Shredder- with the help of this tool you can safely and reliably delete your confidential files and folders permanently using the most advanced deletion methods. Files wiped out by Avira System Speedup cannot be recovered even with the best recovery applications.

Disk Wiper- this utility will help you to remove from your hard disk the remnants of previously deleted files. Thanks to this tool you can permanently delete any leftovers from your disk and significantly increase its space and performance.

File Encryption and Decryption- there is no need to say that confidential files must be safely and securely protected against unauthorized access and use. This tool allows you to encrypt your sensitive files with the strongest password by using the most advanced encryption methods.

Registry Defragmentation- this tool allows you to carry out thorough analysis of the Windows registry and correct found problems in it and make the system more compact and faster.

MBR Backup and Restore- with the help of this utility you have the possibility to back up MBR (i.e. Master Boot Record) and easily restore its proper state if anything unplanned and unexpected happen to it.

Repair Network- if your Internet is damaged, you can take full advantage of this utility and fix LSP, i.e. Label Switched Path.

Drivers- Avira System Speedup provides you with detailed info about each installed driver, for example, its name, version, publisher, and so on.

Uninstaller- this tool is intended for the correct and proper uninstalling unneeded applications from the system. Unlike the standard Windows tool, it allows you completely remove any application and all its components and provides you with detailed info about each of installed programs.

File Recovery- this utility allows you to recover accidentally deleted files on any media type. All you need is to specify the drive and file types to restore.

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