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Which antivirus do you use? Which system tuning software do you have on your PC? Do you have a VPN app installed on your phones and computers? Is your browser really secure? How much time do you spend on tracking down new versions of Windows software which you have installed on your system?

You don’t have to worry about any of the above things, if you use Avira Total Security. It comes with all of the afore mentioned features, in a single bundle.

The main UI of Avira Connect comprises of three tabs: This Computer, My Devices and Renew. The first option lets you manage your current computer’s security. The second option lets you manage the devices you have connected to your Avira account. One of the first things you notice with Avira Connect, is that it lets you download each component which you want to use. No other software does this, as far as I know, and certainly this is the first Anti-virus to do so.


The main menu of the program has the following components: Antivirus, System Speedup, Phantom VPN, Scout Browser, and Software Updater.

It is all of these tools combined together, which form the Avira Total Security suite.

Avira Antivirus:

The Antivirus is the primary function of Avira Total Security, and protects your computer from viruses and other malware. You are probably aware that Ransomware, a new dangerous kind of malware which locks your files, unless you pay some money to the hacker, is currently the most widely spread malware in the world. But with Avira Antivirus, you don’t have to worry about these threats.

The main screen of Avira Antivirus, has a sidebar on the left housing a lot of shortcuts. The main screen, by default, shows the current status of the antivirus, such as whether the real-time protection is on, when the system was scanned, when the virus definitions were updated, the internet protection status, and more.

The antivirus lets you run various kind of scans including scanning local drives, local hard disks, removable drives, the Windows system directory, Full Scan, Quick Scan, My Documents, Active Processes, Scan for Rootkits, and custom scans. These scans can be run as the administrator, and can even be placed on your desktop, as a shortcut, so it can be run with a single click of the mouse.

All scans show a report, containing detailed information like the number of files, directories, archives, objects, hidden objects which were scanned, and the number of warnings, detections which were discovered by Avira. The report also shows how many files were detected as suspicious, the number of files which were repaired, wiped, deleted, or moved. These reports are saved as text files, which can be analyzed later.

You can access Avira’s quarantine, scheduler, reports and events from the Antivirus’ sidebar. Clicking on the gear icon on the top right corner opens the configuration settings for the Antivirus, where you can manage how the scanner functions, action on detection, add or remove files from exceptions (whitelist), update settings, the Internet Protection, and more.

Back to the main screen of Avira Antivirus, and the sidebar, you can see there are options for managing the firewall, the web protection and mail protection settings. There is an optional mobile security tab, which lets you install Avira Antivirus on your phone (Android or iOS). You can also monitor the devices in case you lose them, from Avira’s Online interface.

Avira Speedup:

The system boosting tool of Avira Total Security comprises of a boot optimizer, a power mode for optimizing the energy usage, and a system cleaning tool. This lets you find and remove duplicate files, zero byte files, encrypt/decrypt files, copy locked/hidden files. I also has some hard drive related tools such as a file shredder for deleting files permanently (to prevent recovery), a disk defragmenter to speed up your hard drive, a disk analyzer which shows which files or folders are using more storage space, a disk wiper which can delete an entire disk or drive, a disk doctor which can analyze disks for errors.


You can also defrag the System registry, manage context menu options, check the performance of device drivers, Windows services and active Processes.

Avira System SpeedUp can fix network related errors, manage network connections, and your Internet Explorer’s settings. It has options to backup or restore the Windows Registry, the MBR, and even Files or Folders. You can also use System SpeedUp to uninstall programs from the computer.

The recovery option in Avira System SpeedUp lets you scan and recover files, and manage System Restore points.

Avira Phantom VPN:

Avira Phantom VPN is a tool, which lets you hide your internet connection’s IP addressto help protect your privacy and encrypts all of your traffic by connecting to Avira’s servers around the World. his ensures total anonymity even from ad tracking. As a bonus, you can bypass geo-restrictions, to access websites and services which are not available in your Country. Phantom VPN is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Avira Scout Browser:

Avira Total Security Suite comes with a free secure web browser called, Avira Scout Browser. It is based on Google’s Chromium (open-source), and comes with Avira SafeSearch, HTTPS Everywhere, and Privacy Badger built-in. This protects you on any networks, even the free open networks in Airports, Hotels, Cafes, etc. y encrypting the traffic, and also blocks all trackers.

Software Updater:

Avira Total Security Suite comes with a software updater, which scans your computer for installed programs, and lets you know whether a newer version is available for any. So you don’t have to visit every program’s website or open all programs to check for updates manually.

All of these tools, the superb antivirus, and the user friendly UI, make Avira Total Security, a must have for every Windows user. Buy Avira Total Security Suite at the best price, and save with our exclusive discount code.