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If you think that online privacy is a serious issue, you are absolutely right. And you can reclaim exactly that with the help of Avira Total Security Suite. This software bundle includes Avira Phantom VPN Pro, which can mask your real IP address, so websites and services that you use, only see the VPN’s IP. This makes you untrackable, and also features ad-blocking built-in to the service. The apps which are available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS and has a kill switch option which can stop all internet traffic, when your connection to the VPN server breaks.

The VPN prevents DNS leaks so your IP address is not revealed accidentally to any website. And the fact that you can use the VPN to unblock websites is a huge bonus, so you can use it to view websites from all over the world, even if they are not available where you are located. Another advantage to using Phantom VPN Pro, is that it encrypts your internet connection, so your network is secured from attackers and malware, even when you are using public wireless networks.

Avira Antivirus Pro is the primary security program in Avira Total Security Suite, and can detect and remove any malware, ransomware, viruses etc, even those which are stubborn. Even new malware are detected and blocked by the AI powered scanner, which adapts by learning the activity of programs.

The antivirus is backed by an excellent firewall, which you can use to set your custom rules for network access for every program. The firewall helps in preventing intrusions on the web too. You can block specific websites using the Parental Controls, which also blocks malicious pages, and websites which are not suitable for kids.

There is a browser based on Chromium, named Avira Scout, which has 3 extensions to enhance your online security, and this is included in the Security Suite, and ready to use.

Avira Total Security can help fix issues with your PC’s booting speed, errors in the registry, etc., using the Avira System SpeedUp application, also part of the bundle. You can also use the program to uninstall other programs, and to see if the device drivers you have are working fine.