Avira Total Security Suite Full License

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Browsing the internet without a VPN is not a good idea, because websites can track you and gather your data. Avira Total Security Suite includes Avira Phantom VPN Pro, which can help prevent this, by masking your IP address granting you total anonymity. The VPN encrypts your internet connection, to secure your traffic, thus preventing malware and hackers who may try to steal your data or identity. Avira has apps which allow you to use the VPN on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac.

You can use any of these, anywhere, at home, while you travel, at hotels, airports, etc, and the VPN keeps your internet connection encrypted, allowing you to use social networks, email, and even shop online.

Now what good is a computer when it takes ages to start, and lags during regular use. These issues are irrelevant, because Avira SpeedUp can resolve them by fixing errors in the Windows Registry, improves the time it takes for the PC to boot. You can delete temporary files using the program to get storage space back, while also securing your privacy. The Software Updater can check for new versions of your applications, so you don’t have to.

The company has its own version of the Chromium browser in the  Avira Total Security Suite, called Avira Scout, which includes three extensions to protect your privacy, and keeping your online experience a safe one.

Avira’s Firewall Manager can be used to monitor your network’s connections, to see which programs are connecting to which server, so you can decide whether something should be blocked to prevent data leaks. The parental controls in the suite, can be set to block unsuitable websites from loading, to keep your children’s online sessions an age appropriate one.

You can track stolen or lost iPhones or Android phones using the Avira mobile apps. And finally, Avira Antivirus Pro, the main program in Avira Total Security Suite, is an AI-powered security solution in Avira Total Security Suite, which can learn how programs behave, and blocks any malicious activity that it detects. The antivirus’ scanner is so strong that it can detect threats before they can infect your PC. Avira can block viruses, malware, trojans, ransomware to keep your system clean. The scan options are easy to use, and you can configure scheduled scans too.