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Avira Total Security Suite is an all in one solution for all your privacy and device safety needs. It has an incredible antivirus, a VPN, and a PC tuning software, and some other extras, which makes it perfect for everyone.

The real-time protection in Avira Antivirus Pro has high detection rates, thanks to the virus database which is updated to battle the latest malware, viruses, etc. In addition, Avira uses an AI based learning technique, which recognizes how applications run and what they do to see if they make any suspicious changes in Windows’ critical folders and the registry. This enables the antivirus to block new malware even before they are added to the database. And yes, this helps Avira Antivirus Pro to prevent ransomware, and stops the encryption malware before they lock you out of your files.

The Firewall Manager in Avira can be used to block programs from accessing the internet, and also protects your system from network based attacks.  You can block adult websites and other harmful content, using the Parental controls in the antivirus’ web filter settings. The Avira Android and iOS security apps can be used for remote device tracking to retrieve a lost phone. And the Android app can be used to scan the phone for malware too.

The Avira Scout web browser which comes with 3 extensions is a great way to browse the web safely, without worrying about malicious websites, phishing scams etc.

And we recommend using Avira Phantom VPN Pro, which is included in the Avira Total Security Suite, to browse anonymously, to unblock websites which aren’t available to you, etc. The VPN encrypts your wireless connection regardless of the network type, i.e., mobile data, Wi-Fi, wherever you are. So you can connect to public networks such as in libraries, airports, hotels, etc.

The Avira System SpeedUp application is actually a bunch of tools which can help resolve issues with the Windows registry, and fix problems which are causing your computer to slowdown. There is an uninstaller which you can use to remove programs, and a device driver manager which you can use to check if the PC’s drivers are okay.