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Avira Ultimate Protection Suite combines some of the best applications that Avira has on offer into one neat package — Avira Antivirus Pro, Avira System Speedup, and SuperEasy Driver Updater. With Avira Antivirus, you receive comprehensive protection against both online and offline-based malware attacks, while Avira System Speedup does a great job at optimizing the performance of your PC. Avira Ultimate Protection Suite wraps things up with SuperEasy Driver Updater, where you can easily update the drivers for all installed hardware components on your PC.

Avira Antivirus Pro

Avira Antivirus Pro, the most important application included within the Avira Ultimate Protection Suite, provides an unprecedented level of protection against all forms of malware — spyware, trojans, rootkits, potentially unwanted programs, etc. While various live shields are deployed for real-time protection using malicious signatures to circumvent malware attacks, the antivirus utility also features advanced heuristics that scans vulnerable areas for unusual activity. You also get the option to scan for malicious threats manually — Avira Antivirus Pro makes it easier for you to do this with various pre-set options such as full scan, quick scan, scan my documents, scan for rootkits, scan removable drives, etc.

Avira Ultimate Protection Suite coupon

Unlike other antivirus vendors, Avira Antivirus PRO doesn’t feature its own firewall, but rather uses the Windows firewall as a means to project its own optimized settings. While this does result in a weaker online protection system, it improves overall performance since the operating system doesn’t have to have to handle a separate third-party firewall. The application also features various other online-based protective features — Web Protection to safeguard yourself against hidden Web components such as malicious I-frames, and Mail Protection to ensure that email clients won’t be used as the source of targeted attacks against the operating system.

To ensure that no malicious applications slip through its real-time shields, Avira Antivirus Pro features a task scheduler that lets you specify the application to automatically scan for malware at pre-set intervals hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. The application also extends protection to mobile devices as well, where you can install the Avira Android Security App on your Android smartphone or tablet and receive real-time protection from malicious apps and Web-based malware attacks — unfortunately, Avira Antivirus Pro doesn’t feature support for iOS devices at the moment.

Avira System Speedup

By including Avira System Speedup as part of its arsenal, Avira Ultimate Protection Suite gives you the tools required to optimize your PC for maximum performance. When you start Avira System Speedup for the first time, the application automatically scans all areas of your PC for disk performance, system performance, boot speed, and browser privacy, where it then hands out scores — from a scale of 1-100 — based on the results. If the results aren’t satisfactory, you can either let Avira System Speedup run an automatic performance diagnosis of your system, or you can optimize your PC yourself.

Avira System Speedup features multiple methods to help you improve the performance and security of your storage devices. With its disk cleanup options, you can search for unnecessary items such as temporary files, crash logs, outdated downloads, duplicate files, and zero-byte files, etc., and instantly remove them for increased hard drive storage space. In addition, the built-in Disk Defragmentation utility lets you remove file fragments and create contiguous items for faster hard drive performance. Further, the Disk Doctor, Disk Wiper, and Recover Files utilities lets you scan storage devices for errors, wipe entire partitions to prevent recovery of confidential items, and recover files that were already deleted.

When it comes down to improving the performance of your system, you can use tools such Registry Defragmentation for a more compact and faster system registry, Service Manager to stop CPU-intensive services to free up resources, Repair Network (LSP) to repair damaged network connections, etc. Avira System Speedup doesn’t stop at just that — thanks to its backup toolset, the application secures the functionality of your entire system by giving you the ability to back up your system registry, master boot record, and any important files or folders on your PC. It also features the ability to recover from any changes made to the system in case things go wrong while optimizing your PC.

SuperEasy Driver Updater

With the inclusion of SuperEasy Driver Updater, updating the drivers on your computer has never been easier. By actively scanning devices such as disk drives, display adapters, optical drivers, monitors, network adapters, and sound controllers, SuperEasy Driver Updater instantly notifies you of any outdated device drivers. The application goes so far as to grade the age of the drivers — old, very old, and ancient — and even provides you with the appropriate download links so that you can have the latest drivers installed as soon as possible. Unlike Windows Update, SuperEasy Driver Updater ensures the latest updates for even the most obscure of hard components. Not just that, but the application also makes backups of all drivers in case something goes wrong while updating them.

Should I Buy It?

Avira Ultimate Protection Suite provides all the tools needed for a perfectly functioning PC environment. Whether it’s protecting your PC against various forms of malware, increasing storage space by cleaning out junk files, freeing up system reserves to increase efficiency, or ensuring maximum functionality by regular device driver updates, Avira Ultimate Protection Suite lets you do it. When considering deal that you get compared to the prices of all three products in standalone format, Avira Ultimate Protection Suite makes it well worth your money.