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We all love multimedia content. From videos to music, and of course photos, multimedia has become an integral part of our life.

The same can also be said about your workplace, where digital documents are now the norm.

But we don’t always get media which we can play on our device immediately, or at least not across other devices. Documents also fall under this problem. So, how do we solve such issues?

The most efficient way, is to simply convert the multimedia file, or the document, in to a format which is supported by your device. And you don’t have to look around for software for editing and converting your files, not when you have almost a dozen apps at the ready.

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AVS4YOU offers 11 superb software, for your needs. Let’s find out more about each of them.

AVS Video Editor, as you can guess from its name, has one primary function, to edit your videos, But it is not the only thing it does. Besides using it for editing purposes like cutting, trimming, splitting, videos, and merging videos, it can also be used with your cameras (webcams, DV/HDV, VHS) to record videos. it also has the ability to burn the videos which you want, on to DVDs or Blu-Ray discs, or optionally save the videos which you recorded on your hard drive, and edit them too. It can also work with pictures, in that the program can be used as a slideshow maker, with options for adding music, or voice recordings and text.

You can videos which are in AVI HD, WMV HD, TOD, AVCHD, MOD, MTS/M2TS and save them into modern formats which use H.264, MPEG-4, H.263 codecs such as AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, WMV, 3GP, MOV, MKV. You can save videos in to all kinds of resolutions from HD, Full HD, 2K and 4K UHD. This means you can use the editor program for converting and editing videos, to watch on your mobile devices, or to publish them on YouTube or other video services.

Want to convert videos into more formats? Then you will find AVS Video Converter to be a suitable option, as it allows you to convert videos into AVCHD, TS, TOD, AVI HD, M2TS, AVI, MP4, WMV, Blu-ray, 3GP, DVD, VOB, MPEG, DVR-MS, MKV, FLV, etc, and supports all high resolutions. More importantly, you don’t have to decide which format to use, as there a ton of presets to choose from in the converter, using which you can convert a video to be played on your TV, DVD Player, Computer, Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.

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AVS Video ReMaker is a one of a kind application, which can be used for editing DVD and Blu-Ray discs, and create new discs without reconverting the content, into another format. This kind of lossless quality, is unbeatable, but it doesn’t stop there. You can use the software to record videos from cameras, webcams etc, use it to save the edited videos in a new format too. Supported output types include AVI, VOB, MP4, DVD, Blu-Ray, WMV, AVCHFD, MOD, TOD, MTS/M2TS, etc.

What good is a media suite without a video player? AVS Media Player is there to answer that question, and it is not just a video player, it can also play audio tracks, and triples up as a photo viewer. Supported video formats which it can play include the likes of AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, DVR-MS, MKV, FLV, music saved in MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC, etc, and image formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF can be played in the software. Also worth mentioning is that it supports a variety of speaker configurations, and surround sound audio.

Let’s talk audio, and start with AVS Audio Editor. It is kind of like the video editor in the suite, because it can also be used for trimming, cutting, joining, mixing or deleting content, but only for music and audio tracks. And instead of recording with cameras, you can record your voice with mics or sound cards, and edit the audio, and save the end result in popular formats like MP3, WMA, FLAC, WAV etc. You can also use it to make new ringtones, or extract only the audio from a video too. There are some special filters, which can help eliminate disturbances such as crackling or hissing, for a background-noise free audio track.

AVS Audio Converter is very useful if you have a bunch of audio tracks, which you want to convert, in to a different format. And this is not limited to music of course, you can extract audio from videos, for making ringtones, and best of all, for creating audio books. You can extract audio from any source even if it is a DVD, VOB, MP4, AVI, etc, and save them to a modern audio format such as MP3, FLAC, WMA, WAV and more. This program, comes with a command line utility, which allows for converting a large number of audio tracks simultaneously. You can set custom conversion patterns, presets, and schedule automatic conversion to run at a selected time, etc.

AVS Disc Creator does exactly what it is named for, to create DVD and Blu-Ray discs. You can create and burn any kind of content be it video discs audio CDs, bootable CDs and DVDs, and also save content in ISO image formats on your hard drive, which can be used with third party software, and virtual discs

AVS Image Converter can be used for converting images into PDF, GIF, PNG, JPG, RAW, and other formats, which you can use on other devices or photo editing programs. It has many preset filters, which can be used to add special effects to your pictures. Just like the audio converter, there is a command line tool in the Image convertor, which can not only convert multiple images at once, but also watermark them or resize them. Additionally, you can use the program for resizing photos in printable formats, and this is an automated process.

AVS Document Editor comprises of 3 of a Word Processor, a Spreadsheet program, and a Presentation maker, in essence that it makes up for a solid alternative, to the more popular Microsoft Office Suite. Apart from the full fledged editors which includes control over the formatting, the ability to add charts, formulas, tables, lists, etc, AVS Document Editor can also be used to create, save and edit office formats like DOCX, Doc, PDF, PPTX, PPT, XLS, XLSX, and also in various other formats like TXT, CSV HTML, etc.

If you are looking for a program to convert document types, your search ends with AVS Document Converter, which supports DOC, PDF, DOCX, RTF, TXT, HTML, etc. It can quickly convert PDFs, ePub e-book formats, and transform them into a DocX, which you can read on any device. Want to add a password to lock access to your document, or compress documents before sending them via email? You can do that too, with this software.

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