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Do you have a Mac? And if so, do you need an antivirus? The real question is, why aren’t you using an antivirus software on your Mac? Let’s see if you should. Over the past few years, the number of malware attacks on both Windows and Mac computers have risen rapidly. Every day newer threats are constantly found and eradicated with the help of security software. So, you definitely need one for your Mac.

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A few months ago, the first ransomware for Mac was discovered. It was called KeRanger, and was distributed through the installer of a popular P2P software. That’s pretty scary, as ransomware, are a class of malware which lock all the files on your computer using a very strong encryption algorithm, so you cannot access them without the decryption key.

This actually forced Apple to update its XProtect anti-malware to block the threat, which stands as proof that macOS is not invulnerable. And it also is the reason, why should pick an antivirus for your Apple system, to prevent such attacks.

BitDefender Antivirus for Mac is one such software, and that’s what we are going to review today.The interface of the software is quite similar to its Windows version, except for one major difference. Instead of a sidebar based UI, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac uses a toolbar based one.

The main screen has three sections.The first, is the large pane on the upper half, where it displays the security status of your Mac. This is where you can see whether, the Autopilot feature is on or if you want to, you can toggle it. Below it, are three large icons for some scan options. Quick Scan, full Scan, and Custom Scan. The quick scan option only scans important areas of the OS for infections like adware and other malware, and is the fastest of the three scans.

The System scan option, scans your entire hard drive, and hence is the slowest scan, because it is a comprehensive one. The custom scan lets you add your own choice of folders and files, which will be scanned.

BitDefender Antivirus for Mac, can also prevent zero-day attacks, by using cloud-based protection. It’s very light on resources too, and you can even run a full system scan and multitask while it is running in the background. The scanning speed is superb, and completes very quickly.

The bottom portion of the main screen, has two options: Web Protection and BitDefender Central. Web protection, is what protects your Mac’s web browser. Malware is often spread in ads on webpages, and hijacked websites, so with BitDefender Web Protection scanning your web traffic for infections, you can stay relaxed, while you surf. It works in macOS default browser, Apple Safari, and also in third party web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It also has an anti-phishing system, to prevent your online shopping experience from trurning into a nightmare.

BitDefender Central is a dashboard, which can be accessed from your browser, to manage your BitDefender account. This is where you can manage your license, see how many devices are protected by the software, and lets you perform scans on the devices remotely (through the browser), and optimizations for the Mac, it is installed on.

Bitdefender Autopilot, which we mentioned earlier, is kind of an automated system which manages automatic updates for the antivirus database, checks whether all your antivirus modules are working, and auto-adjusts the performance of the security software to keep your Mac running as fast as possible. It’s a sort of install and forget kind of thing, which is the way an antivirus should work.

One important thing which Mac and Windows users forget sometimes, is that files stored on a flash drive or some other storage, is safe. This may be because, some viruses only affect the other operating system, and hence are often missed by the antivirus software on their computer. The problem only arises, when they plug the device on another computer (running the other OS), and it gets infected. You don’t have to worry about this with Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, because it can detect infections which impact both Mac and Windows.

Now, you may be familiar with the term Time Machine (from Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard(). It is a  backup app which creates backup copies of your data incrementally (over time, hence the name), so you can restore files in case of issues. This is useful, but there is a chance that this data can be breached by Ransomware. That means your documents, photos, videos, etc are not fully secure.

Don’t worry about these files being encrypted by ransomware, because Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, comes with a new module called Time Machine Protection. This helps protect the backup files from malware and other infections.

Backups are scanned by default by the antivirus, but if you wish to exclude the files from being scanned, you can toggle a setting (under Protection). Likewise you can also customiz the default actions for infected files or suspicious files, which are detected by BitDefender. Sometimes false positives happen, so you may wish to move suspicious files to quatantine, than deleting them without making sure they absolutely are some malware. You can manually add exclusions for files as well, i.e., a whitelist of files which you know are safe, and want to prevent the security software from picking them up as threats.

BitDefender for Mac has a history tab, where detected items are listed, which is useful if you want to check if any threats were automatically quarantined. Speaking of which, there is a Quarantine option, which acts as a vault where malware detected by the security software are stored. You can use it to restore false positives.

Buy Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. The brilliant UI, the smooth performance, and protection for Time Machine makes this a truly superb security solution for your MacOS device.