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Online security is something which we cannot afford to be without today. We have more malware and viruses than have ever existed over the past decades. And this number is increasing exponentially, with every passing day.

Trojans, keyloggers, malwares, viruses, adware, have evolved to be very powerful threats and infections which affect our computers. But there are worse to worry about, out there. They are called ransomware. These are malicious scripts disguised as some normal looking file. But upon being downloaded on to a computer, they run automatically in the background, with the user not being aware of it.

Unless of course, you are tech savvy and use an advanced task manager like Process Explorer, to monitor the background tasks, you may miss it completely. Then, it will lock all your important files and data, and encrypt them. You will then be prompted to obtain the unique encryption key by paying the ransom amount, in bitcoins or the like.

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Scary isn’t it? So what do you do to prevent this? Why, use a good antivirus of course. After all, the best defense is a good offense. This is why we recommend using BitDifender Antivirus Plus.

First let’s take a look at the interface. It is one of the most polised antivirus applicatons, with a stunning UI. It is kind of card based oryou could say tiles, since it resembles Windows 10’s Start Menu.

BitDefender AntiVirus is one of the lightest security software, and this is possible thanks to the company’s in-house technology, called BitDefender Photon. What it does is that, it makes your computer run at max performance, even when the antivirus is scanning it for threats. For this to function, it actually uses machine learning to adapt to your usage.

A unique thing in this security software is that it uses something called BitDefender Central. This is actually a one stop place, for managing your accout and settings on the cloud. Yes, you can actually set up the antivirus to work as you want, from a web interface. You can login to your account or sign up for one using your Facebook or Google/Gmail profile or create a normal one.

You can use BitDefender Central to manage your devices, set up parental controls, manage your subscriptions, etc. You can even use it to run scans on a device remotely. This is something which we have never seen in any other security application.

Speaking of which, there are three main types of scans in BitDefender AntiVirus. They are System Scan, Quick Scan, Vulnerability Scan. The first one is a full system scan, and as such is the slowest, yet most powerful of the three.

The Quick Scan quickly scans the most important and commonly infected areas in the operating system, to ensure your PC isn’t affected by malware or viruses. We decided to take it for a spin, and believe it should be renamed to
Super Speedy Quick Scan. It was really that quick, so fast that we have not seen such a scanning speed in any other Antiviruses. The testing scenario was quite an intensive one. We had a movie playing in the background, plenty of tabs on Google Chrome and even half a dozen third party applications running in the background.

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Yet the PC was not slow at all, not even in the slightest during the scan. And it took just 2 minutes for the scan to complete, which is incredible. The antivirus saves a log which contains some advanced information about the scan results, including the time taken to finish the scan, number of files scanned and more.

Vulnerability Scan checks your installed programs for updates, and any security issues, and notifies you of potential risks.

BitDefender has an Autopilot mode, which manages some settings automatically. This includes the antivirus’ on-access scanner and continuous scanner, firewall, web browsing protection, which includes privacy protection, antiphishing and antimalware filtering. It also manages automatic updates for the virus database and for the application itself.

The BitDefender SafePay option is actualy a secure browser, built with security features and protects your online activities including banking, e-shopping, WiFi, and even comes with a cool password manager.

Click on the modules button in the bottom left corner of the main screen. This will bring up a second window, which contains many toggles and settings. This includes the settings for the Antivirus Engine (Scan modes), Web Protection, Vulnerability, Intrusion Detection, Ransomware Protection, Data Protection, SafePay, Password Manager, Parental Advisor, Profiles, and more.

Almost every option mentioned above, has a gear icon next to it, clicking on which gives you access to more advanced settings corresponding to it.

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