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The internet has become a vital part of our lives today. From communicating with our loved ones, to making video conferences, and socializing with people, to watching movies, and streaming music, the world is literally in our hands.

We also use the internet for shopping and banking from the comfort of our homes. With modern technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication), and online wallet services, the way we pay for products has also changed. Everything is done digitally, and that’s a great convenience of course, there’s no denying that.

But the rise of the internet, also spells some major security concerns. New and more powerful forms of malware, are attacking computers everyday. No, not even Mac OS, which was once touted as a highly secure platform, is safe these days.

The internet is filled with malware, and it requires some careful analysis, to keep yourself safe from these threats.

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One of the most common ways through which malware spreads is via spam emails, or junk mail, as you know them. A malicious URL or an attachment, in the email, could spell doom to the computer on which it was opened. Even experienced users often fall victim to such attacks, especially email spoofing.

This happens when a mail arrives from a person who you know well, so naturally you wouldn’t suspect a thing. But the sender’s email could have been hacked or the mail may have been routed from elsewhere to trick your eye to believe it is from the actual sender. Even large companies have fallen victim to such attacks.

Malware is bad, but there is something worse, called ransomware. These new viruses are often the result of a file downloaded secretly in the background, and which executes a malicious script to lock your files by encrypting them. Then it displays a screen blackmailing the user for money to be sent to the attacker, in a given timeframe.

If you browse the internet frequently, you will be aware how websites earn income, through advertisements. These seemingly harmless ads, are often hijacked with malicious code, by attackers, and the ads infect the user’s computer. This is called malvertising.

Pretty scary, isn’t it? This leaves you with one choice, you must enhance your computer’s security. Free antivirus software can protect your PC to a certain extent, but you need something that is state of the art, and which can protect you from even zero-day attacks.

Which security software can do this? There is only one which I usually rely on, good old BitDefender. And the version we suggest is BitDefender Family Pack.

This is not merely an antivirus software, but a complete security suite. It is a three-in-one security solution which comprises of an antivirus, a firewall and something which makes it even more invaluable, an anti-theft protection.

Let’s start by analyzing BitDefender’s GUI. The only way I can describe it, is that the interface is simply gorgeous. I have never seen such a good looking UI, in any other antivirus software. It truly is spectacularly designed.

BitDefender’s decision to skip the tiled UI, is a good one. There are two primary parts in the new UI. A main screen with a dark theme, and a cool sidebar which makes navigating the various sections a real breeze.

Clicking on one of the icons in the sidebar, changes the right pane of the software, to display the corresponding options. The sidebar comprises of three grouped sections, which have a couple of sub-menu options. Click on the hamburger menu option, to display the name of each sidebar icon.

The first tab is related to security, and consists of the following options.


This is your basic antivirus tab, and displays whether your antivirus databse is up to date, and whether the Autopilot mode (which intelligently manages the application), is on or not. The lower half of the screen, lets you run a quick scan or a vulnerability scan.

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There are three other items displayed under this tab: App Protection, File Protection and Web Protection. These modules display how many apps are blocked, detected threats and attacks, were observed by BitDefender.

Clicking on the “View Modules” option in the Protection tab, lets you manage and run scans (including a full system scan), antispam settings, the firewall and the ransomware protection options.


This tab lets you access BitDefender Safepay, Parental Advisor, Wallets and the Password Manager.

The View Modules option under the Privacy tab lets you access the file encryption vault, the file shredder, and configure Safepay, Parental Advisor, and the Password Manager.


The Tools tab lets you tweak your computer’s performance with BitDefender’s OneClick Optimizer, StartUp Optimizer, Anti-Theft, and the Disc Cleanup settings.


This tab displays the number of blocked apps, files, and detected threatts in the following categories: App Protection, File Protection and Web Protection.

You can use the security report option to audit the security threats over a week’s usage.


This tab, as the name suggests displays notifications about important events, like a system reboot needed to complete the installation of one of BitDefender’s updated modules, or outdated software for which updates are available.

The last three icons are for managing your BitDefender account, the settings of BitDefender including Update/reboot options, profile settings and the help section.

BitDefender is light on resources, and does not consume much of your RAM, which offers a smooth performance even when you are multitasking heavily. This makes it ideal regardless of what you use your PC for, be it gaming, entertainment, or office use.

BitDefender Family Pack allows you to use it on unlimited number of Windows, Mac and Android devices. Know any other security software which offers this? There is none which lets you do so.

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