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New  Bitdefender Small Office Security Promo Code and Discount. if you have multiple computers at the workplace, and wish to secure them all from all kinds of malware, there is only one way to ensure that. By using a good antivirus of course. Which one , is the question people often ask? Well, malware detection rates and removal aside, there is actually one more thing which is a crucial factor, which we think is the deciding factor for a network of office computers.

What would that be, a centralized management system. What else? Every IT department in every company prefer to use one.  It helps them monitor and resolve issues from a single computer remotely, without having to go to the system in question, etc. And the best among such solutions, is BitDefender Small Office Security.

What does it offer? Let us answer that question, in detail.

BitDefender Small Office Security can be managed in two ways, using the default control center, which is a web based console, hosted by the security vendor.

You could alternatively, host the control center on your own servers. You can do this by installing the virtual control center using the available OVA/XVA/VHD/OVF and RAW packages. These can be used with your VMware vSphere, View, VMware Player, Citrix XenServer, XenDesktop, VDI-in-a-Box, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Oracle VM or Kernel-based Virtual Machine(KVM) environments.

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We think the default web-console is sufficient, as it offers the exact same kind of security as the others. And also, because, you do not need any special tool for managing the control center. You can access it from any modern web browser such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Apple Safari.

Once you have configured the console, you can assign the clients, i.e.,  the endpoints, aka the computers in your office, on which you want to install the security software. Each client has its own installer for the Endpoint Security, and you can install the application on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Once you have installed the application on one of your computers, BitDefender detects all other computers in the network.

Not only that, it also detects whether the computers are unprotected, and allows you to install the Endpoint Security on these systems. If your computers have a third-party security software installed, BitDefender offers you the option to uninstall them, and install its own Endpoint Security Software on the systems. This can be done remotely, by using the console, to which all of these of these end-points are connected and managed from

You can use the console to create user accounts, and choose their roles. Each account can have different level of privileges which you can configure. You can even select which websites and applications, a user is not allowed to access. This is done via Security policies, which can either be used for groups of users, or for all computers on the company’s network.

The console can also be used to monitor your user’s activities in real-time, and like-wise, the changes which are made on the console, are also saved in the logs, which can be used for auditing the IT department’s work in the console. The security policies are adaptive, so when a user takes the system outside of your company’s network, the policies restricting access to specific data will remain in place. This includes an option to set custom filters, which helps preventing transmission of sensitive data.

Let’s get to the antivirus and other security features which Bitdefender offers as part of the package.

Small Office Security is not just an antivirus. It can prevent infections from other malware, worms, spyware, trojans, and even ransomware. The malware detection rates of Bitdefender’s Business Security is on par with the home editions, and hence is of top-notch quality.

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When Small Office Security detects a threat, it quarantines the threat on the machine. But it will also send a notification to the console, which you can use to quickly act and prevent any further impact. These notifications can also be configured to be sent directly to your email’s inbox. So there is almost no chance, for you to miss an alert.

You can view the reports from every endpoint in the network from the console. When you see that a malware was quarantined on a system, you can remotely delete it permanently or restore a false positive.

There is actually another method using which Bitdefender detects threats, other than by using the traditional antivirus signature database. The program scans your computers continuously, and checks running processes for any malicious behavior, such as trying to gain access to files at the system level or trying to connect to some remote server, etc. If any such threat is found by this proactive scanner, the program blocks the zero-day threat. This happens even before the malware has been identified and added to the antivirus database.

The Global Threat Intelligence, which is the cloud-based security network in the program also helps in detecting and preventing malware. The combination of these behavioral and heuristic scanners is what makes Bitdefender the best at protecting computers from malware infections.

Bitdefender has a two-way firewall which not only helps protect the computers from network intrusions and hackers, but also prevents data leaks originating from your network. You can use the firewall to allow specific applications to access the internet or likewise, block some programs from going online.

Besides the firewall, there is an internet filter which automatically blocks malicious webpages from loading in your web-browser. The Search Advisor is another useful protocol, which analyzes websites in search results and marks the bad websites, indicating that you should avoid them.

And you don’t have to worry about your keystrokes being recorded, because Small Office Security blocks key-loggers. This means your identity, your usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information are all secure.

The USB storage device scanner is invaluable, as it prevents infections from flash drives, from impacting the endpoint to which it was plugged in.

You can try Bitdefender Small Office Security for free for 30-days, before buying a license.