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We browse many websites everyday, for various purposes. This ranges from email, social networking, entertainment and more. Many of us even depend on the internet for work, and even for banking and shopping.

And this is exactly why it is not a very safe place. Malwares, Trojans, Viruses continue to infest millions of websites everyday. These make it difficult for users to protect themselves from such threats.

This becomes increasingly problematic, when it also involves email spoofing, spam, and of course hackers. The unaware user is tricked to download a malicious file disguised as a good one. Similarly emails are spoofed to appear as if from a known source, but in reality could be from an attacker, tricking the user to click on a malicious URL, or email attachment.

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Doing so, could give them control of your email account, and all of the data in it. Or in worst cases, they may take over your computer. That’s pretty scary, right?

Add to this mix, a new and emerging threat called ransomware, and it makes the internet a deadly place. These malware also hidden as normal files, downloads malicious scripts in the background, and executes them discreetly. Then the real power of the attack begins, by encrypting all your files, and holding it for a ransom amount. You can only unlock the files, by decrypting them with a unique key. In rare cases, some people unravel the mystery, ad provide a solution for free to help others unlock their data for free.

But you must not count on these things. The first thing to do is to guard your computer from threats, all threats. So, which security software will you choose?

We recommend the range of products from BitDefender. More specifically, the all round performer, BitDefender Internet Security.

What is an internet security software? And how is it different from an antivirus?

A regular antivirus protects your computer from viruses, and malware. But it will not protect you during your online browsing sessions and other network based activities.

An internet security software, on the other hand offers complete security, because it comes with a firewall and other online security protection.

And BitDefender Internet Security, truly is the best one among its genre. Take a take a look at the interface, and you will see the quality of the design. It is very modern, and yet clutter free with a neat card UI, similar to Windows tiles.

Don’t mistake BitDefender’s UI to be a heavy one either. It is actually quite the opposite, in that it is very light when it comes to performance. We’d say its RAM usage is almost negligible.

The specialty of the Internet Security Suite, is that it uses something called BitDefender Photon, an artificial intelligence technology, built by the company. Its machine learning tech adapts to your usage, and ensures that your computer runs at max performance. This works even when you are using the security software to scan your computer for security threats.

BitDefender uses a cloud based account service, called BitDefender Central for managing its security software. This is a dashboard of sorts, to also manage your security software from the cloud. You can use it to alter the settings of BitDefender Internet Security, or even run scans from it remotely, or use it to manage your devices, to set up parental controls, manage your subscriptions, etc.

There are three types of scans in BitDefender Internet Security. They are:

  • System Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • Vulnerability Scan.

The System Scan as name the suggests, is used to run a full system scan. This of course it the slowest scan, but also the most powerful one.

The Quick Scan option is used for scanning the most vulnerable and important areas in the operating system. It really is quite quick, and completed our test scan in just over 1 and a half minutes. What’s more impressive is that it managed to do so even with half a dozen applications running in the background, including Google Chrome.

All scan results are saved as logs, should you wish to analyse the results in detail.

The Vulnerability Scan option is unique, it doesn’t check for viruses and other infections. Instead it analyses your installed programs, and checks if any of them have a newer version available.

A key factor in BitDefender’s performance is the Autopilot mode. This is what manages the on-access scanner, continuous scanner, firewall, web browsing protection, antiphishing, antimalware filtering settings , along with automatic updates.

BitDefender comes with a secure browser called SafePay, which can be us for your online transactions, and can also be used e-shopping, WiFi, and even has a password manager built in to it.

You can access the settings of BitDefender Internet Security, from the modules button on the main screen. Doing so grants you access to the settings of each and every function in the application.

Buy BitDefender Internet Security at a low price, and save with our exclusive discount code. BitDefender Internet Security is not merely an antivirus application, it includes a robust firewall to ensure your computer is safe from virtually any attacks.