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Using the internet has become a daily chore of our lives. In fact for many of us, it is the heart of our environment, for we depend on it for communicating with family, friends, and co-workers, using email, Instant Messaging, video calling and more.

We live in an era, where cloud computing, plays an important role in day to day tasks. Many offices now rely on cloud based applications for working on documents, projects and more. And of course, we mustn’t forget the endless number of online stores, that we shop from, making banking and shopping from home, or on the go, a truly remarkable digital experience.

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Sadly though, the internet is not all about goodness. It is a vast jungle out there, with many dangers lurking around. We are talking about viruses and malware of course.

Plug in an infected USB Flash drive, and it could well delete all of the data on your computer. Such is the power of viruses, and it isn’t the only bad thing we need to protect our devices from. Trojans and malware designed to steal user data can wreak havoc on PCs causing incredibly high losses.

Throw in to this already serious mix, a new threat called Ransomware and you have a chaos in a nutshell. These malicious scripts which are downloaded secretly by a user download file, such as a fake application disguised as a legit one, lock your files from being accessed. The only workaround is to obtain the unique decryption key, to unlock the encrypted files, and to do so you either have to wait for some good guys to break the ransomware code and release a tool. Never give in to an attacker’s demand, for there is no guarantee they will not cause further harm.

As scary as this sounds like, it is the reality, and it is such dangers, you need to reinforce your computer from. For this you need a combination of security software. First and foremost, is the core application, an antivirus. The second line of defence is a good firewall, and though Windows does come with one, it is by no means the best one, and lacks customization options.

Not many people are tech savvy to use a firewall and an antivirus together, for the prompts from either security software could confuse them. Fortunately there is an easy solution at hand, and it is called BitDefender Internet Security.

As the name suggests, it is a security suite comprising of an antivirus and firewall together. You can manage them both from the same UI, which is the whole point of the software.

Let’s see what BitDefender Internet Security has to offer. The interface of the program is modern, sleek and clutter free. It is very user friendly thanks to the card UI, which look like Windows Tiles.

BitDefender uses a special feature called BitDefender Photon, to keep your computer performing at maximum performance, without impacting your usage. This is actually an artificial intelligence technology, which uses machine learning to adapt to your usage. What’s incredible is that this tech works even when BitDefender is scanning your computer, which is something other security software can’t do.

Speaking of scans, BitDefender Internet Security has three main scan types.

System Scan
Quick Scan
Vulnerability Scan.

The System Scan is the complete scan and as such, the slowest one. But if you want to ensure, your PC is devoid of security risks, the system scan is the best option to scan it with.

The Quick Scan on the other hand, is your basic scanner which only scans the operating system’s critical areas and background tasks. It performed well during our tests, and completed the scan in just a minute and a half. This despite of the fact that we had 6-7 applications running in the background.

The Vulnerability Scan is not a virus scanner, instead it checks your installed applications for possible new version updates, and provides links for downloading the same. BitDefender saves the scan results as logs, which contain some detailed information.results in detail.

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We were also very impressed with the general peformance of BitDefender Internet Security. The resource usage was quite negligible, so we had plenty of RAM used by other applications which continued to run without any lags whatsoever.

One thing which we liked about the security suite is the BitDefender Central service, which is a cloud based account management dashboard. You can login to your account and manage your security software from the cloud, BitDefender’s settings, and even run scans remotely from it, manage your devices, set up parental controls and more.

The Autopilot mode in BitDefender manages most of its functions automatically, includng the on-access scanner, continuous scanner, firewall, web browsing protection, automatic updates, etc.

The SafePay browser is an incredibly useful one, which you can use for shopping or banking online, and also use its password manager.

BitDefender offers a great deal of customization, when it comes to the settings of each function. You can access them by clicking on the modules option in the main screen, and then on the gear icon next to each setting.

Buy BitDefender Internet Security at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. BitDefender Internet Security is an all round performer which protects your computer from any and every risk.