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Bitdefender Total Security is the all in one solution your PC needs. Not only does it include an antivirus, you also get a plethora of extra tools included in the package. Use coupon at checkout.

The firewall in Bitdefender Total Security can block attacks originating from the internet, and also helps preventing the applications which you have installed on your computer, from connecting to malicious websites. You can decide if the programs should be allowed to connect to the internet, or if the network access should be blocked.

You can browse the web safely, knowing that Bitdefender blocks bad websites which may contain malware, or are known to be involved in phishing or fraud. Bitdefender Safe Pay is an exclusive option, which opens a sandboxed browser, isolating it from the rest of your operating system, to secure your online payments.

The Password Manager in Bitdefender, which is locked with a master password, can be used to secure your online login information. The application has a Safe Files vault, which you can use to store your important files in, and they will be secured from malware attacks.

The antivirus in Bitdefender, is the heart of the application, and continuously protects your system from all malware, viruses, spyware, trojans, etc. The antivirus can block ransomware too, even the ones which are not yet even added to the database yet.

This is possible thanks to the behavioral scanner in Bitdefender, which can monitor the activity of running programs, to detect and block malicious applications, before they can attack the PC. This behavioral blocker includes negating ransomware attacks too.

The antivirus is also available for macOS, and you can also use the cloud based dashboard, Bitdefender Central, to track a stolen laptop remotely.

The iOS app which is included in Bitdefender Total Security similarly allows you to track a lost iPhone. The Bitdefender Android app can do the same and boasts a few extra features. The app has a scanner which can check your phone for malware when you install apps, or when you run scans manually. The app can also extend the battery life of your phone,  which is useful when you are away from a charger.