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If you have multiple devices which need to be secured with a top of the line antivirus, you cannot go wrong with Bitdefender Total Security. Use coupon at checkout.

You can rely on Bitdefender’s scanning engine to keep your computer safe and secure, as it is capable of detecting and blocking viruses, malware, spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, etc., in real-time continuously.

There is a behavioral scanner which monitors actively running programs for malware, and suspicious activity, and when it picks up on something malicious, Bitdefender quarantines the threat to prevent zero-day threats. This signature based scanner also blocks ransomware in its tracks, before it even has a chance to encrypt your documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Unlike other security programs, Bitdefender does not bother you with constant notifications, everything is handled silently by the application’s special feature, which is called Bitdefender Autopilot.

Botdefender Total Security has a superb firewall, which is customizable, so you can choose which programs can connect to the internet, and which shouldn’t. The firewall also prevents network intrusions, and web browser from malicious websites, phishing, and online fraud.

The built-in camera protection will alert you when applications try to access your computer’s webcam, without your permission.

You don’t need to worry about any lags and slowdowns when using BitDefender, because the Photon technology used in the application, automatically manages the system resources which the program uses, based your computer’s hardware and the software which you have installed on your computer.

The web based dashboard, Bitdefender Central, allows you to see the devices on which the antivirus you have installed the security software, and also lets you locate a lost or stolen laptop remotely. Bitdefender Total Security comes with extra tools such as the Password Manager which can be used to store your login information securely, and the Safe Files Vault which allows you to save some of your important documents and other files and protect them from Ransomware and the other malware.

Bitdefender Total Security includes an iOS app which can be used for tracking your lost iPhone, while the  Android app has a battery saver, an on-demand scanner, an on-install scanner,  a remote tracking feature which can be used to lock your stolen device, etc.