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How many files do you download on average? Tens, hundreds, thousands? Well, if you know how your browser works, you will be aware that it communicates with websites by transmitting some data to your computer and the other way around. Browsers store information on web pages to your hard disk, so you can see what you see on the screen, the images, buttons, etc.

This applies to any and every web page. Naturally, this also poses a security risk. A website with some malicious content on it, could try to store the fake data on your computer, and try to infect it. While your operating system’s built-in defenses, and the browser’s security does protect you to a certain extent, they are by no means versatile enough, let alone be a true match for a powerful virus or malware.

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Therefore, your best bet lies on using third party antivirus applications, in the hope they offer rock solid protection against any and every potential risk out there. Given the very many options available to you, which one would you opt for?

Allow us, to ease the burden of making the right choice. We recommend BitDefender Total Security, which offers an incredible amount of protection to your computer.

The application has been named aptly, for it is not merely an internet security suite. Total Security consists of three primary functions: an antivirus, a firewall and an anti-theft protection.

First, let’s take a look at the interface of the application. It consists of a neat design with a dark colour pattern, and a large tiled UI. Each tile has a name and symbol on it, indicating its function, and this makes for user friendliness.

A noteworthy thing about BitDefender, is how light weight it is, in spite of boasting several security features. This is possible thanks to an artificial intelligence technology, which was developed by the company. It is called called BitDefender Photon, and was designed for one purpose, to learn your usage, and adapt to protect your computer whilst still managing to run it at its top speed.

That’s not all, you won’t even notice any lag, while you use the computer to perform memory intensive tasks, even when a virus scan is in progress.

There are three primary scan types in BitDefender Total Security. They are:
System Scan, Quick Scan and Vulnerability Scan. Of course, you do have the option to scan custom folders, files, drives, and the context-menu option from Windows Explorer.

Let’s take a brief look at the functionalities of the scans. The first one, called System Scan is a full scan of your computer’s hard drive. This will take much longer to complete than the other scanning options, but is also the most extensive one, and hence the most powerful as well. We recommend you run it once a month or so, to keep your computer clean and tidy.

If time is of short availability to you, the Quick Scan in BitDefender Total Security is your best friend. Though not as extensive as the full scan, the quick scan is useful to see if there are any active viruses or malware running in the background, or infecting the important areas in your operating system. When we tested it, the Quick Scan lived up to its name, by completing the scan in just over a minute and a half, even when there were multiple applications running in the background.

And last but not the least, is the Vulnerability Scan. This is interestingly not an antivirus tool, but one which analyzes the applications you have installed on your PC, and checks for new version updates. If it does find one, you will be provided with a link for downloading the product from the developer’s website.

All scans in BitDefender save a log of the scan results with some advanced information, including the number of files scanned, the time it took for the scan to complete and more.

BitDefender Central is one of the specialties of the company’s products. It is a cloud based dashboard, using which you can manage your devices, alter the settings, and even run scans remotely from a web browser. Just imagine scanning your home computer from your office. To top this, it also has options to set up parental controls on your devices.

BitDefender Autopilot is a mode which is used to allow the application to manage its own functions automatically with no need for user interference. This allows it to keep the following functions running without issues: the on-access scanner, continuous scanner, firewall, web browsing protection, automatic updates, and more.

If you want greater control over the settings, hit the modules button in the main screen, and customize each option to your choice by clicking on the gear icon next to each setting.

The extra features in BitDefender Total Security are the Anti-Theft option, Start Up Optimizer and One Click Optimizer. The first option allows you to lock, wipe (delete all data) or even locate a stolen laptop, using any device. This ensures that your data is truly yours, and prevents it from being stolen or misused. The second and the third are used for speeding up your PC.

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Just a heads up, the ransomware protection in the security suite only works on Windows computers.

Buy BitDefender Total Security at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. BitDefender Total Security is the complete shield which your computer or Mac machine deserves.