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Bitdefender Total Security for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS gives you the best security for all 4 platforms in a single package. Use coupon at checkout. The macOS antivirus, just like the Windows one, allows you to  track a lost or stolen laptop.

The antivirus in Bitdefender works in real-time to prevent all kinds of malware, including viruses, trojans, rootkits, etc, including Ransomware. Most security software depend on a virus database, which they use to analyze the signature of malware, but if a threat is new they may miss it completely.  But this isn’t the case with Bitdefender, because the built-in behavioral scanner checks all running programs to see if anything is odd.

In case a program is requesting access to crucial Windows system files, or changing the security settings, Bitdefender will block such actions, and quarantine the threat. This works in preventing ransomware attacks too. The best part is that Bitdefender manages all actions on its own, using the Autopilot, without disturbing you with any notifications.

The Firewall which is included in Bitdefender Total Security can be set to block internet access to any program, and also works silently in the background to prevent network intrusions.

Bitdefender can detect malware in websites, and stops infected pages from loading, thus protecting your web browser. You can shop in peace online, when you use SafePay to secure your online payments.  Forgetting passwords is a thing of the past, thanks to the Password Manager which is available in Bitdefender Total Security, and you can also use it to create strong passwords.

If you have files which need to protected from malware attacks and unauthorized access, you can protect them using the Safe Files vault in the application. Bitdefender Photon ensures that your computer is running at maximum speed, by configuring itself and reducing the system resources used by the application.

The Android app can be used to scan your device for malware apps, and for saving the battery of your  phone. You can also use the app to remotely track the device using the Bitdefender Central dashboard.

The iOS app is a bit limited, but can be used to track your lost iPhone remotely online.