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The internet is infested with malware, viruses, trojans and more. These dangerous lines of software code, could be hiding anywhere. Even on websites you have previously visited and believed to be safe. This is due to the fact that attackers hijack websites, and inject their malicious code to the stolen webpages.

However, some malware are discreetly hidden, right under your noses, that you may not notice them. These are hidden in the form of ads. Legitimate ad banners on a web page could be injected with malware code, and the unsuspecting user who clicks on it, could have his computer infected with a deadly virus/malware infection. This hijacking process has been termed as Malvertising, as in malicious advertising.

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These aren’t the only risks out there. Some applications are duplicated by attackers, and a fake one packed with adware/malware is instead hosted on different servers. A user led to believe that it is a regular application, and then downloads and installs it on his PC, will find that it was more than he bargained for, a virus.

Keyloggers steal your key strokes and send them back to the attacker, trojans and other adware install unwanted applications on your PC. Emails can be spoofed (pretend to be from a known source), leading to identity theft, or even control of the email account of the recipient.

Such are the threats the average user has to deal with while browsing the internet today.

How do you ensure you don’t fall into one of these traps? How do you protect your computers?

The answer of course is quite obvious, use a good antivirus. This will help you prevent infections from most sources. But what about infections and attacks from the web? An antivirus may not be able to stop these, but an Internet Security Suite (with an antivirus and a firewall), can help you better with a solid protection.

What if you wanted more security? Not many antivirus vendors can help you in this case, but BitDefender Total Security can.

The software lives up to its name, by offering Total Security to your computer. It is not merely limited to just security actually, it can help your PC run faster.

Before we get into the features of the security suite, let’s check the UI. The interface is easy to use, thanks to its modern design, consisting of large tiles. Navigating through it is a breeze even for a new user, because these tiles not only have names of their functions on them, but also easily recognizable symbols, indicating the same.

The most important thing to remember while using any security software, is how it impacts the computer’s performance. This however, is not the case with BitDefender, for it does slow your PC’s performance or cause any lags.

This is achieved with the help of an in-house technology, called BitDefender Photon. It is an artificial intelligence which adapts to your usage, and technology, and optimizes the antivirus and make the computer to perform at max speed.

This even works with scans, and you can use your computer normally even when the security software is checking your computer for infections.

The BitDefender Autopilot is another auto mode which the security software uses to manage its own functions such as the on-access scanner, firewall, automatic updates, and more.

There are three scan types in BitDefender Total Security: System Scan, Quick Scan and Vulnerability Scan. In addition to this, you can use Windows Explorer to scan custom folders, using the right-click context meny.

The System Scan is used for scanning your computer’s entire hard drive. Naturally, this means it will take a longer time to finish than the other scan types do. This is the most powerful one, so it is advised to use it at least once month or so, to scan your PC.

The Quick Scan option is kind of the opposite, in that it is the fastest of the scanners, and takes just under a minute and half to scan a computer’s most critical and vulnerable areas.

The Vulnerability Scan in BitDefender checks your applications for updates and notifies you of an available one, along with a link to the software developer’s website.

You can use the scan logs in the security suite, to analyze your scan results which contains advanced information including the time taken for the scan to complete, the number of files which were scanned, etc.

BitDefender’s cloud based dashboard service, called BitDefender Central, is unique, in that it allows you to manage your devices, alter the security settings on the computers on which BitDefender Total Security has been installed. What’s more is that all of this can be done, simply from a web browser. You can even run scans remotely using BitDefender Central.

Hit the modules button on the main menu of BitDefender, to get more control options over each module in the security suite.

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In addition to this you can use BitDefender Total Security’s Anti-Theft option, to remotely lock or wipe a stolen laptop’s data, from any internet enabled device.

The Start Up Optimizer and One Click Optimizer, which are exclusive to the Total Security version, are used for optimizing the PC’s performance.

Buy BitDefender Total Security at the lowest price ever, and save with our exclusive discount code. BitDefender Total Security can also protect your PC from Ransomware, but this feature is only available for Windows computers, Nevertheless, Mac OS X users still get a whole lot of protection from the security suite which offers a bang for buck value.