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Bitdefender Total Security is the best multi-device antivirus software you can find for your Windows or Mac computer. Use coupon at checkout.

The antivirus scanner is one of the most reliable scanners, which pro-actively checks running applications for malware, trojans, rootkits, etc. Bitdefender antivirus’ behavioral blocker detects when programs behave suspiciously, such as trying to access system files, or changing the Windows settings, etc. This blocker can also prevent ransomware before the malware can execute the script, which encrypts your files and lock you out of your PC completely.

The two-way firewall in Bitdedender Total Security, blocks attacks from the internet, and prevents leaks from your computer, by allowing you to decide which programs should be allowed to go online. The application also prevents anti-phishing, anti-fraud attacks.

Bitdefender Autopilot takes care of your computer’s security on its own silently, so there are no pop-ups, or dialogs which require user interaction of any kind. The Webcam protection prevents leaks from your computer’s camera, and alerts you when programs try to use the camera, and blocks unauthorized access to the camera.

You can store your important files securely, in the Safe Files vault, for extra security from ransomware and other malware. The Password Manager can be used to store your logins securely, and for generating secure passwords. The File Shredder in the application can be used to delete files without leaving any traces on your computer.

Bitdefender Total Security uses Biitdefender Photon, a technology which adapts to your software and PC’s hardware configuration, and adjusts its own resource usage, so the performance of your computer is not affected. The Central account dashboard, which it can be used from web browser, allows you to monitor and track your stolen laptop remotely from around the world.

Bitdefender Total Security. The iOS version of Bitdefender can be used to track your lost or stolen devie, set up parental controls, and checking whether your online accounts have been breached anywhere online. The Android app offers more, such as on-demand scans, on-install scans, a malware alerter which tells you when pages are infected, a battery and performnance saver, an anti-theft locator, remote locking features, etc.