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GIFs are very popular nowadays, among computers and mobile phone users. These looped video animations, are used for chatting, replying to Tweets, Facebook posts, and even to discuss topics.

How do people create GIFs? Usually, GIFs are made from videos. These are converted and compressed to a format, which is easy to share on the internet. They are not actually limited to video made animated GIFs though. Many websites use the format, to display animated content like banners for a sale, as it is a good way to catch the attention of the visitor.

But, creating GIF animations is not an easy task, unless you have the right software to do the job. That is exactly why you need a simple solution, which allows you to create GIFs with a few clicks of the mouse, such as Blumentals Easy GIF Animator.

This software will let you create GIF animations, animated buttons, and banners. Let’s see how we can do that.

The interface of Easy GIF Animator is polished and acts like its namesake, i.e., easy to use. There are 6 tabs on the top of the GUI: File, Home, Frames, Section, Animation and Help.

Blumentals Easy GIF Animator Coupon Code

The file screen which is kind of like a start screen, has several options for you to get started. The three easy wizards, can be used to create a new GIF, an animated button, or an animated banner. You can also open existing animation projects, or start new ones, or create a new one from a video, and view the recent animations you made. You can also use this tab to export GIFs to Flash, AVI, or send the file via email.

The Home tab in Easy GIF Animator, is the image editor in the program. There are some tollbars and side panels on this screen, along with a workspace where you will be working on the images, frames, etc.

This can be used for basic editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, allows you to draw on images, but also has advanced features such as resizing animations, crop the edges of images, edit the canvas size, etc. There are a variety of tools in it, such as Line, shape, brush, spray, fill, gradient fill, color picker (eye dropper), color replacing, eraser, text, zoom, and transparency tools to name a few. You can easily add transition effects, animated text, add more pictures or cliparts, or add images from the internet, or create GIF animations from videos. You can also use it to adjust the speed of the frames, the background color and other properties.

A GIF is a constantly moving picture, which displays one frame after another, similar to a video. And Easy GIF Animator offers great control over editing the frames. The frames tab lets you add, remove, clone frames, or adjust the position of the frame by moving up, down, or edit the frame, export selected frames.

The selection tab lets you edit frames by centering in on a specific frame, copy a frame to all frames, rotate a selected frame, or flip it horizontally or vertically, adjust color aspects such as invert, grayscale, hue & saturation, shadow, etc. The Animation tab is what you have to use for customizing the animation effects. It lets you reverse the animation, convert the picture in to grayscale, or generate an HTML code for it, etc.

The Animation wizard, on the main screen of Easy GIF Animator, will guide you to create your animation, step by step. This is very useful, when you are using the program for the first time. The first thing you need to do before creating a GIF, is to add images, which act as the source for your new project. You can reorder the GIF’s content by adjusting the order.

Let’s say you have a few pictures of your cat or dog running towards you, and let’s assume you took multiple photos of the same in burst mode, so you will have a set of pictures, each of which will act like a frame, which when combined forms a video animation, ala GIF.

Of course, you can directly import various image formats to create a new GIF in Easy GIF Animator, including popular types such as GIF, JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG. The next step, is to select the loop and delay options. As you may be aware animated GIFs, are mostly looped videos (without sound), and are short in length. That is what makes them likeable. Easy GIF Animator lets you select between infinite playback loops and particular number of times, and the playback speed of each frame by 1/100th of a second. So for e.g.: a 50 count is equal to 0.5 seconds.

If you save the project as an SWF Flash video however, you can use background sound for the animation you created. Video formats supported by the program include AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV. That’s pretty cool. GIFs which are created by Easy GIF Animator, are of high quality and very well optimized. for small size and lossless animations.

The program also lets you select where the image should be displayed. That is, you can set it to be in the top left of the frame’s corner, or in the center, or you can set it to resize to fit. The built-in previewer is really useful, as it can help you save time, which would otherwise have been wasted

So, to conclude, we think that Easy GIF Animator stands true to its name, in that creating a GIF animation is really simple, and the rest of the program’s features are also quite user friendly. The next time you want to post a selfie, or a video you shot on to a social network, you may want to consider using those to create a GIF and impress your friends with it. Web designers and webmasters can use these animated GIFs to boost sales, or to highlight some special offer to your page’s visitors.

In other words, the software is great for casual and business users alike.

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