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Do you share your computer, with other users? Or do you leave your computer, unattended for a long time? In either case, there is a good amount of risk, as in your computer can be accessed by someone else.

Forget hacks and other network based attacks. A local user has a much better chance, at breaching your computer’s security, and accessing your data. Data loss by theft, is not always the risk which you are going to be worried about. What if someone accidentally hit the keyboard, or mouse, and it in turn closes the application you were working on? This is worse when you forgot to save your work, right?

Of course, you can take some measures as a precaution, like setting up a time out option, and lock Windows with a password. But as we mentioned before, a shared computer bypasses this security. So, if anybody knows your Windows password, they can open up any programs which you have installed and take away the data from them.

Blumentals Program Protector Coupon Code

The only alternative for this problem, is to password protect the programs themselves. But Microsoft has no such option, even in its latest operating system, Windows 10. So what can we do?

Why not use Blumentals Program Protector to secure your applications. Here is what it can we think about it.

Program Protector has a very simple interface, sans any complex menus or sidebars. It is dead simple to use. There is a menubar on the very top of the application’s Window, a toolbar right below the menubar, and a large pane on the main space of the window.

The menubar has 3 options: Commands, Tools, and Help. The Commands menu has 4 functions, the primary of which are Protect Program, and Unprotect Program. As the names suggest, these options are what allow you to add an application to Program Protector, or remove one from the list. You can also run a program, which you have added to Program Protector. Finally, you have the option to exit the program from the same menu.

So, how exactly does adding a program to Program Protector, secure it? Let’s see with an example. If you want to add a web browser to the program, you just have to select the program’s executable file (.EXE), this will add it to Program Protector. And all you have to do is to set up a password for the program which you added, retype it again to confirm you got the password right, and click the Protect Profram button, and et viola. You have added a password to your browser, without which nobody can open it. Similarly, you can protect any other application or game.

There are 3 other ways, using which you can manage the applications in Program Protector. You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + P, to add a program, or the key combo Ctrl + U to remove it. A more easier way to do this is to drag and drop the application, to the interface of Program Protector. This also works with application’s shortcuts too by the way.

Applications which you have added to Program Protector, are listed on the main pane of the Window. Remember, if you want to de-list an application from the program, you will be asked for the password which you selected, as part of the security. The next time, you or anyone runs a program which has been password locked, you will see a prompt for entering the password required to access the said program.

Okay, but what if someone manages to use Program Protector directly, what then? This won’t happen, as the Tools menu in the program, has an option called Administrator password, which when enabled, locks down the program itself, with a master password. Just remember that the passwords which you set, cannot be recovered by any means, in case you forget it. You can however remove passwords, and change passwords, as long as you remember the old password.

You can customize the password prompt of programs, which are secured by Program Protector, by selecting “options”, which is listed under the tools menu. This allows you to set your own message, password dialog, a custom window title, and password prompt. You can use this option to even set a password prompt in another language, or to inform the person whom you share the computer with, why the program has been protected with a password, why it should not be run by them, or if you are feeling humorous, you can set a funny message.

The Protected Program Usage log, also found under the tools menu, allows you to view the activity log of when the programs which were added to Blumentals Program Protector, were accessed. This option is not enabled by default, so if you want to use it, you are going to have to turn the option on manually.

Blumentals Program Protector Coupon Code

The application, is in no way restricted to protecting applications which you have installed, you can even use it to protect Windows system applications, such as Internet Explorer, Notepad, etc. The toolbar has options to set a password for a program, remove a program’s protection, run a program which you have selected from the list in Program Protector, and an option to change the password of a highlighted program.

Program Protector does not have to be running for the security feature to work. We tested it by running programs which we locked, (before Program Protector started), and still got the password prompt to access the locked program. And needless to say, Program Protector is not listed under the Task Manager when a prompt appears, so people won’t know which application is protecting the program.

It is really difficult for us to decide which is the best feature of Blumentals Program Protector, the user friendliness of the application, or the incredible security which it provides. We are going to give it a thumbs up for both feature. You can use Password Protector on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows computers.

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