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Building a website? Let me guess, you have chosen CSS (CSS3 or HTML5) to code it? That is a really good choice, as most modern websites use the same language, for their own websites. But, let me ask you this, which editor do you use for coding CSS?

You sure can’t use notepad, can you. What you need is a powerful IDE, which can not only be used for typing your code, but should also be capable of checking the syntax, debugging the code, etc. Most people prefer to use popular IDEs, but just how fast and how resource intensive are these?

We think that the best one out there, is Blumentals Rapid CSS Editor. This is very similar to the company’s WeBuilder application, but is focused for CSS coding.

The interface of Rapid CSS Editor, is very pleasant, and comprises of 6 sections. There is a menu bar on the top of the window, 2 tool bars, a couple of side panels, and a large workspace area.

There are 6 types of workspace layouts, available in the program. Selecting one will switch the layout of the screen, and its tools in to the format you chose. Speaking of which you can shift between the default, All but kitchen sink, File Explorer Only, Full IDE, Normal and Notepad views. Likewise you also have 6 themes, which you can select from, to change the color of the menu bar, toolbars and the side panels, in Rapid CSS Editor.

Blumentals Rapid CSS Editor Coupon Code

You can start, open, save projects, from the file menu, or print a hardcopy of it, should you want one. More importantly, this menu has some pretty useful wizards, which can be used to begin new projects. This may be very useful for beginners, but it never hurts to give it a try, to learn about the program.

The program is not limited to CSS coding, you can also use Rapid CSS Editor, to save your work in one of the following formats: HTM, HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, PL, JS, VBS, XML and WML. You can set it to open file types such as CSS, LESS, PHP, SCSS, XML. But you can also add more file types to it, should you want to use Rapid CSS Editor, as your default file handler, for any file type you want.

The workspace is much better than your average IDE, as it has some cool features such as syntax highlighting. This enables you to read the code quickly, and also check the formats. What we found impressive in its functionality, is the fact that it has multiple ways, to help you save typing codes.

The Smart Code system is really amazing, with its snippet library and templates. The library allows you to add codes which you have created, using a simple shortcut key. There are code snippet templates available, which makes it easy for you to add a code to the snippet library.

The other time saving feature, is Auto Complete, which as the name suggests, can be used to complete quotes and brackets. And the smart cut, smart copy and paste, are truly intelligent ways to save time. All you need to do is just point the cursor on the line where the text content which you want to copy is, and use the regular keyboard shortcuts for copying or cutting, and if you didn’t make a text selection, the word next to the cursor is copied or cut.

Then, hover the mouse cursor on a line, and you can use the special key combo, Ctrl + Shift + V, to smart paste it, anywhere you want to.

You can save time instead of repeating keystrokes, as WeBuilder automatically completes brackets, quotes, and offers features such as smart copy cut and paste, which allows you to copy a word near the cursor, when nothing is selected, or paste a word similarly.Want to find content in the code quickly? The Search menu in Rapid CSS Editor, is your best friend, and allows you to search for words, entire lines, or even symbols.

You can edit your code efficiently, by using the tools available under the Edit menu. Apart from basic editing options, it can be used for transforming uppercase text to lowercase, and vice versa. It is handy for highlighting text for copying, and to select tags, content, indent levels, etc.

The Edit menu in the program, can be used for copying text with highlighting, selecting tags, content, CSS, to adjust indent levels, and to switch the selected text to uppercase or lowercase. The built-in spell checker tool, is useful for fixing typos easily. You can use Rapid CSS Editor, for adding bookmarks, bulleted lists, paragraphs, headings, tables, forms, etc to your project, and also use the program to customize the font style, size, color too. Speaking of color, there is a dedicated HTML Color Picker, which can be used for picking a color from the screen, file colors, project colors, color palettes, adjust rgb/rgba/hsl/hsla etc.

Blumentals Rapid CSS Editor Coupon Code

You can manage content on FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers, with the built-in browser, which also allows you to edit and save content on these servers. Rapid CSS Editor can be used for mobile web development, and supports screen-size preview, which you can use for checking whether your website meets mobile display standards, aka to make sure the site is mobile friendly. The program offers full Unicode support, which includes UTF-8, UTF-8 (without BOM) and UTF-16 (Code folding). There is a crash recovery system available in the software, which will save your work, in case anything goes awry.

The specialized tools such as the compatibility watch, prefixer, shadow assistant, box assistant, web font assistant, multi-browser preview, split-screen mode, media queries, viewport assistant, Xray, makes Rapid CSS Editor a joy to use for any web developer.

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