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Screensavers, who doesn’t love those animated art. From endless galaxies of stars, to bouncing text, we have grown fond of animated content appearing on our screen, when our computer is idle, since forever.

Have you ever enabled screensavers on purpose and just sat back to enjoy the view? of course we have all done that. So, the question is, how hard is it to make a screensaver?

It must be a complicated process, which involves graphics and animation knowledge, right? The answer is no. You just need the right software which allows you to create a screensaver, and in a matter of seconds.

Blumentals Screensaver Factory Coupon Code

Say hello to Blumentals Screensaver Factory. As the name suggests, it lets you churn out as many screensavers as you want, and does so for a one time payment.

The interface of the program is very simple in terms of the design, which in turn reflects its user friendliness. There is a menu bar on the top of the program window, and a toolbar just below it.

You can use these to create a new project, open an existing one, in Screensaver Factory. If you are new to this type of applications, don’t worry, use one of the Wizard options on the welcome screen, which will guide you through the steps of creating your screensaver.

You can create screensavers using the software, in many ways. For example, you can import some pictures to create a picture slideshow screensaver, or create one using your company’s logo. You can also create screensavers using videos and SWF Flash files.

Blumentals Screensaver Factory Coupon Code

To create a picture slideshow screensaver, first you will need to add some images, or select a folder which has the pictures. Then you can select the time duration, for which each picture has to be displayed, like 5 seconds, before the next picture is shown.

The next step will ask you to enter a title for the screensaver, the author and copyright information (if you want to claim it as your work), and your website address if any.

Finally, you can select to install the screensaver on the computer, on which s/creensaver Factory is installed. Want to create a screensaver which you wish to distribute ? No worries, Screensaver Factory, can create self-installing screensaver files in .EXE formats, or CDs, which you can use to distribute your created screensaver.

There is a preview option available on the create Screensaver window, which you can use to check your work, before finalizing it.

Creating logo, video and flash screensavers is quite similar, except that you will be selecting the background color, movement options, etc.

Finalize the project, to be taken to the actual editor interface. This screen is divided into 2: a side panel, and a right pane. The latter reflects the options for the corresponding selection, made on the side panel.

The side panel has the following options: Media, Music, Background, Visuals, Attributes, Options, Promotion, Selling, Developer, and Create.

Media lets you add your images, videos, and flash animations to the screensaver project, which you are creating. You can enter text, add effects like shadow, antialiased, or transparency, adjust the media’s label, position, size, transition effect, font color, background color etc, from the properties option.

You can import popular image and video file formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc., to create a screensaver using Screensaver Factory.

You can enter text, add effects like shadow, anti-aliased, or transparency, adjust the media’s label, position, size, add image masking, add an effect like mirror, vertical flip, grayscale, photo frame, or transition effects, font color, background color etc, from the properties option.

The music tab lets you add some audio files, to your screensaver, and has a built-in previewer to listen to the track you selected.

Background lets you select 2 background colors, or a background image for your screen saver. You can set it randomize for a totally cool effect.

Visuals lets you add eye candy effects as add-ons to your screensaver, and ranges from animation like snowm bubbles, stars, etc to various kinds of clocks, calendars, and even RSS news feeds from your favorite websites wih complete control over the font styling.

The Options tab lets you fine tune the screensavers basic properties such as the image display duration, etc.

The Promotions tab is useful, if you wish to promote your website, or a sale, or something and you an even add a banner to it, or display a logo.

If you are a professional photographer or graphics designer, who takes stunning pictures, or creates beautiful artwork, you may want to consider monetizing your work, i.e., you can sell your work for money. Screensaver Factory lets you sell commercial licenses of your screensaver, by letting you choose between unique registration codes and common codes, and selecting an ordering web page address, from where your customers can buy the screensavers. You can also use it set trial limitations for the premium screensavers, or even nag banners or nag screens to be displayed, in a way to encourage the user to buy your screensaver.

Developers of screensavers often have to update their created software, and for this you can use the Developer tab in Screenshot Factory, which allows you to add a web address of the XML file, where the update file is hosted. This will allow the screensaver to be auto updated.

The Create tab, as the name suggests allows you to create the screensaver in a setup file, or a screensaver file, which allows you to distribute it as you wish.

Screensaver Factory is more than just a screenshot creation program, if you have the patience and skill for it, you can turn it into a money making machine. You will literally be making more money than what you are paying for the software itself.

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