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Writing a code for your new website or app? Which software do you use for that? If your answer is something basic like notepad or some dated IDE, you are probably well aware of the limitations which they are restricted by.

The major disadvantage is usually the clunky interface which most IDE’s suffer from. There is nothing worse than a terrible GUI, to complicate things, is there?

Another drawback which you can come across in most code editors, is the lack of support for modern syntax. But the biggest problem of course, is the one you face when you are coding or debugging your work. You see, not all editors support every major coding platform out there. So if you are writing a code in a modern programming language, such as Python or the more widely used CSS, you are definitely going to be needing something which is capable of supporting the platform fully.

Blumentals WeBuilder Coupon Code

If you have been on the look out for such a program, let me tell you that your search ends here, with Blumentals WeBuilder. Let’s see what it can do.

WeBuilder has a really polished interface, which consists of a menu bar, multiple tool bars, and some sidebars. There is a large white space in the middle of the screen, which as you may have guessed, is the workspace.

The workspace is where you will be typing and viewing your coding work, of course. There are some tabs available beneath the workspace, which allows you to change between the code editor, preview, horizontal split, and vertical split. The workspace supports full syntax formats, including and syntax highlighting (sort of like color coded text), which makes it easy for you to read the code.

WeBuilder’s text editor supports advanced features such as line numbering, line highligting, code folding, gutter, margin, and basic features like word wrap, block select etc. It is fully compatible with Unicode formats such as UTF-8 (and without BOM) and UTF-16.

The File menu allows you to create, open, save and print export your coding project. There are wizards available to create new projects in different file types easily.

Blumentals WeBuilder Coupon Code

You can create and edit any major file types in WeBuilder including: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Python, XML, WML, C#.Net, Ruby, eRuby, Perl, SQL, Apache, SASS, LESS. WeBuilder can be associated with any of the supported file type, so it can be the default handler to open the files.

The code snippet library in WeBuilder allows you to save and reuse code templates , which can quickly be accessed with shortcuts. Needless to say that the program comnes with a built-in spell checker. And it also has a W3 HTML, CSS validator, JSLint JavaScript checker, a PHP checker which works in real-time, and an xDebug PHP debugger.

The Edit menu can be used for copying text with highlighting, selecting tags, content, CSS, to adjust indent levels, and to switch the selected text to uppercase or lowercase. You can save time instead of repeating keystrokes, as WeBuilder automatically completes brackets, quotes, and offers features such as smart copy cut and paste, which allows you to copy a word near the cursor, when nothing is selected, or paste a word similarly.

The Search menu in the program os a real boon, as you can use it to easily find content in the project by searching for it, and WeBuilder will pin-point the result by jumping to it instantly, even if it is a symbol, line or a word. Multi-highlighting is really good, as it lets you quickly spot references of the same search term instantly, when you are querying for something. you can also use it to search and replace whatever phrase you want to.Adding bookmarks to your project is useful, in case you want to quickly navigate between sections of the code. Code highlighting includes bracket highlighting, HTML tag highlighting, and it will also detect missing and matching tags, to help you check for errors easily.

The insert menu can be used for adding lists, paragraphs, headings, tables, forms, and other content. The Format menu can be used for styling your text, and paragraphs.

The next three menus are the best in the program, being CSS, PHP, JavaScript, which allow you to check, format and convert coding format. The Script menu lets you add ASP, SSI, ERuby scripts, while the view menu can be used for enabling and disabling the various panels in WeBuilder’s interface.The Macro menu can be used for recording direct actions, so you don’t have to perform them every single time. WeBuilder has a built-in file explorer, and you can edit your files and save them using it, or save it on to your FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers, publish files etc.

Below the menu bar, are some toolbars, which contain various shortcut buttons to the features, which are available from the menu bar.The left side panel in WeBuilder, is the Code Explorer, which can be used to navigate your project’s folders. There are multiple workspace layouts to choose from, as per your liking. And you can also customize the color of the menu bar, toolbars and side panels.

If you are not familiar with the software, don’t worry, WeBuilder can hold your hand and guide you through the basic steps, when you run the program for the first time. You can skip the wizard and get started on your own, but we recommend using it at least once, to learn about the software’s core features.

WeBuilder works faster than most code editors, consumes less resources, and offers a great deal of features, and supports several major file types. There literally isn’t much more you can’t ask for in an IDE, and we should also add in the fact that it is easy to use.

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