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BullGuard Premium Protection has one of the best detection rates and helps protect your computer from malware in real-time. The program can stop ransomware attacks too, even ones which have not been identified officially yet. How does it do that? By monitoring the programs which are running on your computer. In case one of the files tries to make unusual changes to your PC’s critical areas, the file is quarantined.

The real-time scanner in BullGuard can block PUAs, spyware, trojans, adware, etc before they have any chance of impacting the PC. You no longer have to worry about ransomware encrypting your files, when your PC is secured by BullGuard.

Any network intrusions, hackers and other network based attacks are blocked by the firewall in the program. While the antivirus and firewall prevent websites which may contain malware, you can block websites with other harmful content by using the Parental Controls included in BullGuard Premium Protection.

How many antivirus programs allow you to backup your data, let alone to the cloud? BullGuard does, and you can choose between Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox, or you can simply store the backups on your computer’s hard drive or on a USB storage device. These backups can be scheduled to run at a time and date which you select, and also set as a recurring task.

The Vulnerabilities Scanner in BullGuard Premium Protection, is really unique and alerts you about missing Windows Updates. It also tells you when there are issues with your wireless network, network profiles, the auto-run settings, etc.

But wait, there is more that the program offers. BullGuard Premium Protection has a set of useful tools which can be used for tuning up your PC, such as the startup manager which can speed up the Windows boot time, delete the temporary files, fix registry issues, etc. The Game booster tool, can be useful if your PC has more than one core, and the program will restrict other applications to use just one core, while the rest will be freed for your game.

What we liked most about BullGuard is that there was not any prompt which required user interaction, when the antivirus was installed on the PC.