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BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

Choosing an antivirus, is a tough task. You need to check for a lot of features, before deciding to buy a subscription. The most important features, are actually what you cannot see, but experience. We are talking about performance and security of course. 

Nobody likes their PC slowing down because of their antivirus, and likewise, nobody wants an antivirus which compromises security for speed. So, which antivirus offers the best of both worlds? BullGuard Antivirus is the one we can say, which impressed us the most. 

The best part about the software, is that it is very easy to use. You don’t need to be tech savvy to use BullGuard Antivirus. This is very noticeable right from the installation part, when all you have to do is login to your BullGuard Account, and your license is tied to it, and the antivirus is ready to use within a matter of minutes. 

Let’s move on to the interface. The GUI of the security software is, as we said before, simple and efficient.  

BullGuard Antivirus has just 2 modules in its interface: Antivirus and Vulnerabilities (Scanner). 


This is the most essential component in the program, as it is what keeps your PC secure from infections. BullGuard Antivirus uses a multi-layered protection, to prevent not just viruses, but also malware, rootkits and spyware at bay. 

The on-access scanner in the antivirus, analyzes the files and folders which you open for malware, and prevent viruses from running. The on-demand scanner scans for malware, when you manually scan a file or folder for infections. Besides using signature-based detection to find and remove malware, BullGuard Antivirus, also uses a behavioral scanner, which will monitor running programs and detect suspicious activity.  This can deal with new threats effectively. 

When a program acts like malware it will be blocked, thus eliminating zero-day threats, even before they are added to the virus database.  

Moving on to the scanning options in the program, click on the drop-down menu in the Antivirus tab, to bring up the scan selection options. 

There are 3 kinds of scans in BullGuard Antivirus: 

  • Quick Scan 
  • Full Scan 
  • Custom Scan 

Each scan is unique, and scans different areas of the operating system, and the hard drive of the computer. 

Quick Scan:  

The Quick Scan, as the name indicates, does not scan all your files. Instead, it only scans the most common areas which are targeted by malware. This includes the Windows Registry, Temporary files, as well as currently running processes, aka programs in the memory, which you may not notice were actually running. 

Full Scan: 

This scan is much more comprehensive, because it will scan your entire hard drive, with all the files in it. This includes external storage disks, such as Flash Drives and Portable Hard drives, which are plugged in to the PC. This scan will take a lot longer to finish, than the quick scanner, and it really depends on the PC’s processor, RAM, the number of files you have, etc. 

Custom Scan: 

Basically, this option lets you choose, which files and folders, that BullGuard Antivirus should check for malware, and viruses.  It also has some built-in profiles which you can choose to use for the scan. The program also lets you create custom scan profiles, as per your requirements.  

When you run a scan using BullGuard Antivirus, the menu changes to a progress bar to indicate the percentage status of the scan. There is an option to stop a running scan, on the same bar. Clicking on the bar during a scan, will switch to the messaging centre screen, where you can see the scan’s status, such as which file is being scanned, etc. 

The Messaging Centre, can also be accessed from the toolbar on the top of the main screen. You can view all reports from BullGuard Antivirus, including the scan logs, activity, recommendations, warnings, critical issues, etc. 

Whenever an infected file is detected by the antivirus, it will be immediately moved to the Quarantine section. This is isolated from your operating system, so the malware which are housed here are rendered ineffective. You can view the quarantine’s contents and delete the detected items permanently, or in case a harmless file was wrongly detected as a false-positive, you can restore the same. 

BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

Vulnerabilities Scanner: 

BullGuard Antivirus’ Vulnerabilities scanner is a very helpful tool. Unlike most antivirus solutions, which do not care whether your computer has the latest security updates from Microsoft, BullGuard scans for all missing updates, including security updates. It even lists each and every one of the missing updates neatly, to tell you which ones are essential, 

Additionally, the antivirus also tells you whether the Windows Updates Configuration, i.e., the Windows Update Settings are enabled or not. And that’s not all, BullGuard Antivirus also checks for issues relating to auto-run, wireless network safety, network profile safety, open ports, and digitally signed device drivers.  

You may know that PCs which have auto-run enabled when a device is plugged in, (like a Flash Drive) could end up getting infected, if the drive has some malware on it. BullGuard prevents this, and security risks, from other vulnerabilities which we mentioned above. 

The Settings section in BullGuard Antivirus, which are accessible from the main screen, lets you view your subscription information, and to manage your online account. Switching to the Advacned Mode, lets you configure the antivirus with your custom settings. You can control how the antivirus starts, whether to protect the program settings with a password, choose the level of notifications, select how updates are delivered, etc. You can select a security level for the antivirus, and whether it should scan for files, web traffic, emails, etc. 

BullGuard Antivirus uses less resources, so you can multi-task without experiencing any lags. The scanning speeds of BullGuard Antivirus, are equally impressive. 

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