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BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

Want a light and speedy antivirus, which offers robust protection for your computer? Who doesn’t. Every user likes an antivirus which doesn’t slow-down his or her computer. But the problem is, which one to choose. 

BullGuard Antivirus is a solid choice, here’s why we say so. The software is user-friendly, in that everyone can use it, regardless of their technical experience. Once you download the installer, and run it, you just have to login to your online account, and BullGuard Antivirus will do the rest. The installation is seamless, and before you know it, your PC is secured by the antivirus. 

The GUI of BullGuard Antivirus, is equally simple. There are no complex menus and buttons. All it has are 2 modules: an Antivirus and a Vulnerabilities (Scanner). 


Anyone can tell this is the key feature in the software.BullGuard Antivirus doesn’t depend on a single method to detect or remove malware. It uses a multi-layered system, to find viruses, malware rootkits and spyware. 

If you have used an antivirus before, you will be aware of the term, virus database. Basically, it is a list of signatures of malware, using which the antivirus will detect malware and viruses. So, technically, if a new malware is released and infects your PC, your antivirus may miss it completely. In other words, your antivirus could be at risk from zero-day threats. 

But, that is not the case with BullGuard Antivirus, as in addition to a signature-based scanner, it also comes with a behavioral scanner. This will monitor applications which run on your PC, and check if any of the programs are behaving suspiciously. When it finds some unusual activity, it will block the program from running. This prevention method, does not rely on signatures, which is why BullGuard Antivirus is great at catching new threats. 

There are 2 scanning techniques used by the antivirus. When you open a folder or open some file, the antivirus will scan the contents for viruses, malware, etc. This is called on-access scanning. 

Similarly, there is an on-demand scanner, which scans for malware, when you manually select some files and folders to be checked. 

Now, to run a scan, you can either right-click on the System Tray icon, and choose scan for viruses, or to select one of the available scanning options, use the drop-down menu in the Antivirus tab, 

There are 3 types of scans in BullGuard Antivirus: 

  • Quick Scan 
  • Full Scan 
  • Custom Scan 

Let’s break down their functionalities. 

Quick Scan:  

This is, as the name suggests, a very fast scan. That’s because it doesn’t scan every file on the PC. Instead, it only looks in the most common areas, which malware tend to target, such as the Temporary files folder, the Windows Registry, current running processes, etc.  

BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

Full Scan: 

This is a much slower scan option, as it will check every file and folder on your PC’s hard drive for malware, viruses, etc. The best part is that it will also scan your external storage disks (USB Flash drives, external hard drives, etc), which are connected to the PC, too. The time taken for the scan to complete depends on various factors including the total number of files which you have, the kind of processor your PC has, the RAM, among other things. 

Custom Scan: 

This scan lets you choose which folders and files should be scanned for malware. You can choose the entire PC, or select specific folders, drives, partitions, etc. You can create custom profiles for the scan, or select one of the available preset profiles, to run the scan. 

The Antivirus’ tab’s menu button, becomes a progress bar, when a scan is running, and displays the percentage progress of the same. Click on it, and you will see the messaging centre, which gives you more information about the scan’s status, like what file is scanned. 

The Quarantine option, under the scan menu lets you see which files were detected as malware, and placed in quarantine. You can review the list of the detected files, and choose whether to delete them forever, or to restore a false positive file.  

Vulnerabilities Scanner: 

This tool in BullGuard Antivirus, can help you to keep your PC secure, by monitoring your Windows Updates. Let’s say you have not installed some important updates, it will list all of the missing updates, along with their information. And it also checks if your PC’s Windows Update settings are correct or not, and warns you if they have been disabled.  In addition to these, the Vulnerabilities Scanner will check for issues such as Autorun settings, wireless network safety, network profile safety, open ports, and digitally signed device drivers.  

You can open the Messaging Centre, from the button, on the main screen’s toolbar.  It is home to all the notifications in the application, including Bullguard Antivirus’ scan logs, recommendations, warnings, critical issues, etc. 

To configure the program per your requirement, you may access the Settings panel from the toolbar.  Besides the option to manage your online account, it also displays your license information, and has an Advanced Mode which allows you to enable or disable the various modules in the application. 

You can use it to set a password to protect the antivirus’ settings, level of notifications, frequency of update checks, how alerts are delivered, what default action to perform when a threat is detected, and more. You can use the safe browsing feature in BullGuard Antivirus, to blacklist bad websites, or whitelist websites, and also enable Safe Browsing for Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. 

During our testing process, we found BullGuard Antivirus to be a stellar product. It doesn’t use much of system resources, allowing you to run intensive applications, or play games, without experiencing sluggish speeds. The scans which the antivirus runs, were quite fast and accurate too, making BullGuard Antivirus an all-round winner. 

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