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 BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

Are you planning on switching to a new antivirus? Let me guess the reason. Is it because your previous security software was slowing down your PC?  Or was it because it did not manage to prevent a malware? 

Regardless of what the reason is, we do have a recommendation for you, BullGuard Antivirus. This antivirus is the best bet, when you want top notch security, without having to give up on system resource usage. Add to that, the fact that BullGuard Antivirus is user friendly, and you have a real win-win situation. 

We were very impressed with the installer, which downloads and installs the antivirus, in a single click. And about 2 minutes later, the computer was protected by BullGuard. That was really fast. 

BullGuard Antivirus has a simplistic GUI. It is straight to the point, with no distractions at all. That is how an antivirus should function, not by using flashy colors and a fancy design. 

Any guesses to how many modules are available in BullGuard Antivirus? There are 2 modules in the program, and these are: Antivirus and Vulnerabilities (Scanner).  And these are enough to secure any computer from viruses and malware. 


This is what the program is all about, and it does its job really well. It constantly monitors your PC for malware, spyware, viruses, rootkits, etc, like a good watchdog should, and this active real-time security, is backed by a multi-layered protection system. The on-demand scanner allows you to scan any file for malware, manually. The on-access scanner, automatically scans files for malware, when you open the folder which contains the file or when you execute a program or open a file. 

Usually, an antivirus uses its virus database, which contains the signatures of malware, and scans the PC to detect and disinfect threats. BullGuard Antivirus too does this, but as an extra layer of security, it has something known as a behavioral scanner.  

BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

This scanner, checks the currently active programs, and see if any of these have some unusual activity (like trying to change the system settings, edit the registry, etc). When it finds such suspicious activity, BullGuard will block the file, even though it was not present in the database. So, your PC is secure from the latest threats aka zero-day threats, even before the virus database has been updated with the new signature. 

The Antivirus module, has a drop-down menu on its tab. Click on it and you will see that it has 3 scans which you can run using BullGuard. 

  1. Quick Scan 
  2. Full Scan  
  3. Custom Scan  

Quick Scan: 

The Quick Scan option in BullGuard Antivirus, is the fastest of the three scans, as it only analyzes the Windows Registry, Temporary files, running processes, etc,  which are usually targeted by malware. 

Full Scan: 

This scan runs a complete check of each and every file on your computer’s hard disk, and also those which are stored on external storage devices, which you have plugged in to the PC, such as a USB Thumb Drive, or a portable hard drive. As it is the most thorough scan in BullGuard Antivirus, it is also the slowest scan type. Just how fast it is, depends on how powerful your computer is, and the amount of data you have on it. 

Custom Scan: 

The custom scan, literally lets you customize the files and folders, which you want the program to scan for malicious content. You can also create custom profiles for the scanner, or use the preset profiles which are available, to run your scans. 

The unique thing about BullGuard Antivirus, is that the screen remains the same, even during the scan, except for the Antivirus tab’s button. It changes from the drop-down menu, to a progress bar which shows how much percentage of the scan has been done.  

The bar is actually a button, which when clicked upon, takes you to the messaging center screen, which has more information about the scan’s current status. 

The button, when a scan is not running, also has a shortcut to the Quarantine. This is where BullGuard Antivirus stores the detected malware. You can go through the list, and see which ones were falsely detected as malware (false positive), and choose to restore them, or delete them permanently. 

Before we move on to the Vulnerabilities Scanner, let’s check the Messaging Centre, which can be accessed from the toolbar on the top of the main screen.  This has various information, including all the reports from the antivirus, scan logs, and details about the activity, recommendations, warnings, critical issues, etc. 

Vulnerabilities Scanner: 

This option in BullGuard Antivirus, scans for and detects which Windows Updates are not installed on your PC. And it doesn’t stop there, it actually lists each of the missing updates, along with their information.  

It also checks your Windows Update settings, and notifies you if there is any issue with the way updates are checked or delivered. For e.g.: If you have disabled updates, or enabled manual check for updates, etc. BullGuard Antivirus can also scan for issues regarding the auto-run settings, the wireless network safety, network profile safety, open ports, and also checks whether the device drivers are digitally signed. 

To customize the settings, use the button on the toolbar. You can stick to the basic view, which lists the subscription information, and for managing your online account. The real power, is hidden in the Advanced mode. Using the options here, you can choose how the antivirus should start, secure your settings with a password, adjust the level of notification prompts, set how updates should be delivered, etc. Each component of the Antivirus, such as the scanner for files, web traffic, emails, etc., can be toggled too. 

BullGuard Antivirus is a great choice if you want the best security and performance-friendly security solution for your computer. 

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