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If you want the best security for your computer, BullGuard Premium Protection is a rock solid choice. The antivirus is highly optimized, and runs equally well on low-end computers, as it does on PCs with powerful processors.

The scanner in BullGuard, never lets a malware slip by, because it uses a behavioral monitoring system, to observe what every application and file opened does. This helps the antivirus to detect and block malicious activity and quarantine zero day threats. And the fact that the scanner also uses a database of virus signatures, to cross reference files to check if they are malware. BullGuard’s antivirus is also capable of stopping ransomware, viruses, trojans, etc. None of these actions require input from the user.

The Firewall which is included in BullGuard Premium Protection automatically blocks malicious traffic to prevent hackers, network intrusions, websites which may be infected, etc. You can minimize the amount of time your kids spend on the PC, with the parental controls, and also block access to inappropriate websites.

BullGuard Premium Protection can be used as a data backup solution too, as it allows you to save your important files on your computer’s hard drive, or an external storage disk. Optionally, you can also upload the data to popular cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive, directly from within the application’s interface. All backup tasks can be set to automatically run at specified schedules or on a regular basis.

If your computer is missing Windows Updates, BullGuard will alert you regarding the same, as it uses the Vulnerabilities Scanner to check for issues, and also scans USB auto-run settings, network profiles, and your wireless network for security issues.

You can also use BullGuard Premium Protection to speed up your PC, by deleting junk data, to clean the Windows Registry of broken keys, etc, using the PC Tune Up Tools. This also allows you to boost the startup time of your computer, by disabling unwanted programs from the booting process. The Game boost tool stops programs from using more than one core, to free up the rest of the processing power for your games.