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BullGuard Internet Security Coupon Code

Which antivirus should I choose? This is the most common issue, for any computer or smartphone user these days. With too many free antivirus products out there, which one should you opt for? 

None, as in no free antivirus, would be our answer. Shocked? Don’t be, what we are saying is that, if you want an antivirus, get a premium one. Why? Free antivirus products rarely, if at all, offer proper technical support. At best you will be asked to register and share your issue online at forums, where other users and some staff may help you. 

Premium antivirus companies such as BullGuard, offer priority technical support, including email and Live chat, to assist you personally. Not only that, the company’s security products are of top notch quality. If you want a really good security product, with an all-round protection, may we recommend you BullGuard Internet Security. It offers you the shield of anti-virus to protect your system, and a proper firewall to protect your computer from harmful content originating from the internet. 

BullGuard Internet Security has a pleasant user interface,  which is divided in-to 6 sections: antivirus, firewall, vulnerabilities, backup, PC Tune-up, and Parental Control. 


As the name suggests, this is the real-time protection module of the application. It secures your computer from viruses, spyware and malware.  The antivirus module provides on-access protection, when you open files or folders, and also has an on-demand scanner, which can be used to scan a file for viruses, when you want to, say for example: before you copy files from a USB storage device.

And, unlike most antivirus solutions, BullGuard Internet Security, uses two methods to secure your PC. The first is a traditional signature-based detection system, while the second is a behavorial scanner, which monitors applications for suspicious activities and blocks them before they can impact your computer. There are 3 scan types in BullGuard Internet Security: Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan. 

The quick scan only checks commonly targeted locations for viruses, rootkits, along with an analysis of the registry, temporary files and running processes. The full scan will scan every file on your computer’s hard drive, and external storage devices, and is naturally slower than a quick scan.  

The custom scan can be used to scan only the files and folders which you select. It has 5 profiles to choose from, and you can also create your own custom profiles. When a scan runs, the screen remains the same, but the button changes to a progress bar, which when clicked on will display the information of the scan’s current status, in the messaging centre screen. 

The Quarantine is where infected files will be placed, isolating them from harming the PC. You can review the files and decide if you want to permanently delete them, or to restore a false-positive. The log reports of scans can be viewed anytime from the antivirus. 

The Firewall in BullGuard Internet Security, allows you to manage the rules for all applications installed on your computer.  The Network Activity shows which applications are being monitored and also logs connections in real-time, so you can review which have been active, and take actions. BullGuard Internet Security displays notifications, whenever it detects a program trying to connect to the internet. This intrusion detection system, allows you to allow or deny network access to the specific application. Using this, you can block unwanted applications from connecting to websites which you don’t recognize. This is an excellent way, to prevent applications from phoning home, and secretly transmit data to some server. 

BullGuard Internet Security Coupon Code

The Vulnerabilities scanner in BullGuard Internet Security, checks for missing Windows Security Updates, Windows Updates Configuration, auto-run, wireless network safety, network profile safety, open ports, and digitally signed device drivers, and lists all the issues which it finds with these. 

The Backup option in the program, allows you to create profiles, and select which of the following data should be backed up: Documents, Photos, Music, Videos, Desktop, Other Files and Folders which you choose, and select in which folder the backups should be saved. You can choose to save the backups on an external hard drive, USB storage drives, network drives, or even on cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive. 

Backups can be scheduled to run at a time and date which you select. You can optionally set the backup to synchronize changes, use compression to save storage space, and encrypt the backup (including the file names) with a password for added security. You can even keep multiple versions of your files in the backup, in case you wish to revert to a previous version. 

The PC Tune Up option in BullGuard Internet Security has 4 tools. The Optimize tool scans and removes unwanted data from the temporary files, logs, broken registry entries, etc to help keep your PC running smoothly. The Cleanup Helper lets you reclaim your storage space, by analyzing the hard drive, and lists the largest files both numerically, and in a pie chart, to help you decide what content to delete. The Duplicate Files finder can be used to scan for and delete duplicate copies of files which you have on your computer. It even preselects the duplicates for deletion, while keeping the original file, but you can always choose which version should be kept. The Boot Manager can be used to see which applications are slowing down the computer’s booting time. 

Parental Control helps you configure profiles for your kids, based on their age group, and will prevent access to inappropriate websites. It also helps you set a schedule for their internet access, allow specific programs to run, and even has a custom URL filter which you can use to whitelist or blacklist websites. 

Did you notice that the mascot of the company, is a Bull Dog, which as you know is a great guard dog, hence the name, BullGuard.  Isn’t that cool?  

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