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BullGuard Premium Protection is one of the most user friendly antivirus software available for Windows.

The antivirus has a two-fold scanning system to prevent malware attacks. The primary one uses the traditional file signature, which allows BullGuard to check files with its own virus database which is updated throughout the day, to detect newer threats.

But, brand new threats take time to be recognized by any antivirus, right? Yes, but that’s where BullGuard excels with its heuristic scanner, which observes your computer’s running processes for active threats. When a file is trying to change the system settings through the Windows Registry, or other operating system areas, when it shouldn’t be, BullGuard immediately recognizes this as malicious behavior, and quarantines the zero-day threat, even if it is not present in the virus database.

These blocking methods can effectively stop any malware, viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, and of course, ransomware too.

Not all malware attacks happen locally, i.e., through the files which you have on the PC. Most infections originate online, and BullGuard’s firewall can help prevent this by blocking hackers and network intrusions. You can also use the firewall to set your own rules to decide which programs can connect online, and block the ones you think are not safe.

You can set a usage time for the computer, so your kids cannot use the PC for a long time, and you can block unsafe websites using the built-in Parental Controls.

BullGuard Premium Protection can detect missing Windows Updates, USB auto run, the installed drivers,  wireless network, network profiles, open ports, etc for security issues, using the Vulnerabilities Scanner.

The application can also be used for backing up your data, on to Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive, or to an external hard drive, or on to the computer’s hard drive.

There are a few PC Tune Up tools in BullGuard Premium Protection, to fix broken registry keys, clean your computer’s temporary files, etc to speed up the system. You can also improve the startup time of the PC, and set applications to use a single core on the CPU when you are gaming.