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Looking for a good antivirus for your computer and smartphone, but don’t know which product to choose? Allow us to help you. If you want more than a regular antivirus, you are probably concerned about your online privacy, and the security of your home’s internet connection. In that case, we can recommend BullGuard Premium Protection for your devices. 

BullGuard Premium Protection offers all the features of the company’s Internet Security solution, with many extras.  Let’s begin with the interface of the application. 

The GUI of BullGuard Premium Protection is simple, and without any complexities, whatsoever. That means it is user friendly, which is essential for any software, and a very important feature for an antivirus product. 

BullGuard Premium Protection’s GUI consists of the following options: 

  • Antivirus 
  • Firewall 
  • Vulnerabilities Scanner 
  • Backup 
  • PC Tune Up 
  • Parental Control 
  • Home Network Scanner 


This is the heart of the program, and the real-time protection which it provides, actively prevents viruses, malware, spyware, etc., from infecting your computer. In addition to this it also employs on-access protection, which scans files for viruses when you open the file or the folder it is located in. The antivirus has an on-demand scanner, which you can use for manually scanning files and folders for viruses. 

What most antivirus software do, to prevent viruses, is use a signature database, which they match with a file, and quarantine infections. While this is an effective way, it is not very efficient. Let’s say a new virus or malware is released on the web, and somehow makes its way on to your PC, your normal antivirus may not even detect it. But, BullGuard Premium Protection, uses a dual-layer scanning system, one which is signature-based, and the other, a behavioral scanner, which will monitor your applications, both known and unknown, for any suspicious activity, and effectively blocks the application, before it can cause any harm. 

There are 3 scan types in BullGuard Premium Protection: 

  • Quick Scan 
  • Full Scan  
  • Custom Scan 

The quick scan will only scan the most commonly targeted locations, the Windows Registry, temporary files and running processes for malware. The full scan analyzes all files on your computer along with any external storage devices which you have plugged in. This is slower than a quick scan, as it is more thorough. 

The custom scan will check the files and folders which you select, and has 5 profiles to choose from, with options to set your own profiles. The program changes the scan button to a progress bar, without changing the screen. Clicking on the progress bar, displays the scan’s details, such as what is being scanned, etc, in the messaging centre screen. 

Infected items are stored in the Quarantine vault, which prevents the malware from affecting your computer. You can view the quarantined files and delete the items permanently, or restore false positive files. You can view the reports of previous scans from the antivirus section. 


The Firewall module gives you total control over the network activity of applications on your computer. You can use it to manage the rules for any program, and use the Network Activity to see which connections are active. It logs the connections in real-time, so you can easily spot any new program connecting to a suspicious server. 

Speaking of which, the program will display pop-up notifications, when a new program is trying to go online. You can deny or allow it access to the net, depending on what the program is. This is essentially, an intrusion detection and prevention system, which can block programs from sending your personal data to unknown locations. 

Vulnerabilities Scanner :

The Vulnerabilities module in BullGuard Premium Protection, scans your computer for missing Windows Updates, and also alerts you when the Windows Updates Configuration options are not correct. In addition to this, it also checks if auto-run for storage devices is enabled, along with the wireless network and network profiles safety, and checks for issues with open ports and digitally signed device drivers. 


BullGuard Premium Protection’s Backup option, can be used to create backups of your data such as Documents, Photos, Music, Videos, Desktop, and custom folders and files which you select. The backups can be saved on your computer, or on an external HDD, USB storage drives, network drives. You can directly sign in to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive, and set the backups to be saved there. 

There is a scheduler in the Backup module, which will enable it to run at a time and date which you select. You can enable synchronization, compression, and encryption for the backups to keep the data up to date, use less space, and for additional security. There is an option, which when enable, allows you to  keep multiple versions of the files, which can be useful, say when you make some edits to a document, but want to go back to a prior version. 

PC Tune Up:

The PC Tune Up option in BullGuard Internet Security has 4 tools. The Optimize tool scans and removes unwanted data from the temporary files, logs, broken registry entries, etc to help keep your PC running smoothly. The Cleanup Helper lists files which are using a lot of space, and displays a pie chart of a similar type, to help you decide, which ones to delete, and recover storage space on your HDD.  

The Duplicate Files tool, scans your hard drive for duplicate copies of files, and also pre-selects duplicates to be deleted, helping you recover space. You can of course select the version of the file which you wish to keep. The Boot Manager utility, lets you see which programs are causing the boot time of your PC to be slow. The Game Booster in the suite isolates applications running on your PC to use a single CPU core, freeing the other cores for the game, thus enabling a better gaming experience. 

Parental Control:

You can use the Parental Controls to keep your children safe online, and also set a schedule for them, only during which they can use the PC. The custom URL filter, can be used to blacklist websites, or whitelist safe websites.  

BullGuard Premium Protection Coupon Code

Identity Protection:

The Identity Protection option is exclusive to BullGuard Premium Protection, and allows you to use the online dashboard of the service. Here you can enter your personal information such as your bank account, credit card info, name, addresses, etc, and monitors the internet continuously to see whether your personal and financial data is disclosed anywhere or at risk.  

Home Network Scanner:

The Home Network Scanner Module, also exclusive to BullGuard Premium Protection, scans your network connection, to see if any devices are trying to connect to your network. It also has an overview of all current and previous devices which were connected to your network. In addition to this, the module also lists which devices could pose a security risk. 

While it automatically runs real-time scans, to identify devices and networks, you can also run on-demand scans for the same. The Scan Network option can trigger on-demand scans of monitored networks, and the reports option can be used for displaying the logs of previous scans. You can configure the options, to manage the list of monitored and ignored networks, etc. You can contact the company’s tech support 24 x 7, via email and live chat, for help with BullGuard Premium Protection. 

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