Save $60 BullGuard Premium Protection

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If you have decided to go with BullGuard Premium Protection to secure your computer, you are making an excellent choice. The antivirus has a very high detection rate, for detecting malware and viruses. It is also very user-friendly with a straightforward interface.

The real-time protection in BullGuard, has two scanning methods, one which uses the virus database to check if there is any active malware on your computer, and quarantines the threats automatically. The secondary scanning method is signature-less, and monitors running applications for any sneaky behavior, to detect and remove zero-day threats, including ransomware, spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, etc.

The BullGuard Firewall can be used for allowing network access to any applications on your PC, or even to block specific programs from connecting to the internet. You can view the logs which the program saves, to see which servers programs are connecting to, and if you see anything out of place, and take some action.

BullGuard Premium Protection’s Vulnerability Scanner, can check if your computer is set to update Windows when they are released by Microsoft, and also notifies you about any Windows Updates which have not been installed.  This scanner also scans the auto-run settings for USB devices, the safety of the  Wireless Network and Network Profiles, Open Ports, and whether your Drivers are Digitally Signed.

You can use BullGuard Premium Prptection to run scheduled backups of your data on to a local HDD, USB storage devices, network drives, or even to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive.

BullGuard’s PC Tune Up tools can be used to delete temporary files, invalid registry entries, view which files are using a lot of space, find and delete duplicate files, and manage the startup items to make your PC boot faster. The game booster can be set to run certain applications on single core, to allow the rest of the cores to be used by a game which you want to play.

The Parental Controls can be used to block inappropriate websites, and set schedules only during which your kids can use the PC.

Despite being packed with a ton of features, BullGuard Premium Protection is one of the lightest, when it comes to impacting your machine’s performance.