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BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

Antivirus programs are something which every PC user is concerned about, usually when they begin to give problems. Not only because antiviruses are the reason the PC is secure, but also the kind of impact a security software has on the system. 

After all, no one wants their PC hogged down by a heavy antivirus, especially when you want to work with multiple programs at the same time. The question however remains, which antivirus offers both speed and protection?  

BullGuard Antivirus can do this, and it protects your PC better than the competition. Here’s why we were impressed with the software. 

BullGuard Antivirus is extremely user friendly, and you will know this right from the moment you download the installer. When you run it, the program downloads and installs the antivirus, and then begins securing the PC in just a couple of minutes. You don’t have to click anything else. The interface of BullGuard Antivirus is equally user friendly, thanks to its simple design. It doesn’t have any complex options, in fact there are just 2 modules in the program: Antivirus and Vulnerabilities (Scanner).   


This module helps keep your computer clean by preventing spyware, viruses, rootkits, malware, etc. from infecting your computer. Apart from the real-time security which constantly protects the computer, there are 2 more layers of protection which BullGuard employs. 

The on-demand scanner in the program, can be used to scan selected files and folders for malware. But, a different scanner, called the on-access scanner, automatically scans the programs which you open, and the folders which you access and the files which are in the folder. 

There is a 3rd-scanner, called the behavioral scanner, which actively monitors your running programs. If it detects that a program is acting in a suspicious manner, like making changes to the registry or accessing the system folders, it will automatically block the program in question. This essentially, is called zero-day threat prevention, and is a rock-solid way to secure the computer. 

Of course, BullGuard Antivirus does have a virus database which is updated frequently with signatures if malware to find, just like other security programs. 

You may notice that there is a drop-down menu in the Antivirus module. When you click on it, you will have several options, including the 3 types of scans which BullGuard has:Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan. 

Quick Scan: 

This speedy scan, only checks certain areas of the operating system, which are commonly the target of malware attacks. This includes scanning the Windows Registry, Temporary files, running processes, etc,  

Full Scan: 

This is a complete scan, using which BullGuard Antivirus scans all the files on your computer’s hard drive. It also scans external storage disks connected to the PC, like USB Flash drives, portable hard drives for infections. Since this a comprehensive scan, it will take a long time to finish, depending on the amount of files on your drive, and of course the processing power of your PC. 

Custom Scan: 

If you don’t have the time to do a full scan, or if you want to only scan selected drives, partitions, folders or files, you can use this scan option. It allows you to create custom profiles, and also has preset profiles to choose from. 

When you start a scan, the screen doesn’t change. Instead, the button in the Antivirus module changes to reflect a progress bar. Click on it, and you will get more details in the messaging center, such as what BullGuard Antivirus is currently scanning. 

BullGuard Antivirus Coupon Code

When the scan is completed, you can access the Quarantine section, from the same drop-down menu. BullGuard Antivirus stores all the detected threats here, and you can review the contents to either permanently delete the files, or to restore one in case of a false positive. 

The Messaging Centre can also be viewed, by clicking on the shortcut on the program’s toolbar. This screen has a lot of information logged by BullGuard, such as the virus scan logs,  activity logs, recommendations, warnings, critical issues, etc. 

Vulnerabilities Scanner: 

This is quite a unique tool, as it allows BullGuard Antivirus to scan your computer for Windows Updates which have not been installed. And, it lists which of the missing ones are crucial, aka security updates. You can then choose to install them, to prevent security issues. 

This scanner also checks for security issues related to auto run, wireless network safety, network profile safety, open ports, and device drivers (whether they are digitally signed or not). The Settings menu, also accessible from the toolbar, allows you to customize the program, to function as per your needs. There are two view modes: Basic and Advanced mode. 

In the basic view, you will be able to view your subscription details, and an option to manage your online BullGuard account. The Advanced mode has a lot more to offer, including settings for selecting how the antivirus starts. You can lock the program’s settings with a password, to prevent others from changing them.  Don’t want to see pop-up notifications? You can set the level of notification prompts, and likewise you can also choose how often BullGuard Antivirus checks for updates to the virus database, how the updates are downloaded, etc.  

You can also choose to toggle specific parts of the antivirus off, if you don’t want the feature to be enabled. This includes the scanning of files, web traffic, emails, among other options. We liked the amount of control which BullGuard offers, as not every user will use every single of these, and so it may help to turn some of the unneeded ones off. 

BullGuard Antivirus offers great security, and doesn’t slow down your PC. We didn’t notice any hiccups while using multiple programs, or any compatibility issues with other security software, such as sandboxing, application whitelisting applications. You can’t ask for much more than this from an antivirus than this. 

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