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BuzzBundle Professional Coupon Code

One of the biggest issues that companies face, is to spread the word about their product, aka marketing. This is why they turn to advertising, so that people can hear about their products and will be interested in buying the products.

Common standards for marketing has been ads in newspapers, fliers, posters, website ad banners, etc. But with the rise of smartphones, social media websites are the most commonly used platform on the internet.

This is why you should consider using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., which have millions of users, to market your products. You will not only reach to a greater audience, but the cost involved in this is literally zero. You don’t need money to use a social network, right?

But this does come at a cost, not in terms of money, but in terms of time. Most of these social media websites have an extremely annoying interface, where it is very difficult to navigate and search for content, but sometimes it is nearly impossible to find out what you were looking for.

Don’t worry about that, because BuzzBundle Professional can do exactly what you want. This software is from SEO Suite’s developers, so you can be sure just how good it is in searching for content.

The first screen in BuzzBundle Professional, will ask you to set up a new project, That’s because projects are the files which will save the data of your searches, mentions and other content. The main screen of the program is where you will enter the search term for your project, i.e, you can type a hashtag or a keyword, and also optionally mention a URL to see if the website has been mentioned, etc.

This is called a Stream and is s actually the first tab in the sidebar. The name is appropriate, because the program pulls information from several online sources including various Forums, Blogs, Question and Answer Sites, social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Video-Sharing websites like YouTube. And all this information is displayed in a single screen separated by 4 tabs, one for each category. You can filter the results to narrow down the search, and the important thing is that the data displayed here is all real time.

If you want to see only one tab, select the Find Buzz option on the top left corner. So what are these search results for anyway? Easy, these results will help you find out what users are saying about your product, and this can be used as an excellent source of feedback, or use it as a research tool for future projects.

Found a discussion to which you want to respond to? Well, you’re in luck, the Add Post option can be used for posting a message on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn, from the official account of your company. You can add a location, or an image, or a short URT to your message. This option also comes with a scheduler, which will post the message at a time and date of your choosing. So your customers may think that you are posting the message Live. Login to your social accounts using the Add Profiles option, and this allows you to select which sections should be displayed in the streams (for e.g.: Home, me, mentions tabs in Twitter).

The Add Streams option can be used to select which social media sources to search in, and you can also add more social networks which may be popular in your region, to it easily. Say for example VK (Vkontakte) which is popular in Russia and other parts of Europe.

The My Activities tab saves a log of all your day to day actions, so you can monitor your posts, responses, easily, and also add notes to specific dates for reference.Keyword Groups allows you to see the status of the keyword you serached for, and how many matches it found as references, referring authors, and websites , along with a graphical representation of the same. Topical references has similar stats, but from blogs, forums, social networks, Q & A sites, and video sharing sites.

Personas and Profiles can be used to add a new profile (creating a new account) on social media websites, including the name and photo which you wish to use, for the said website. You can authorize BuzzBundle Professional to use the account, and also authenticate it to use your email account to verify the newly created social media profiles. The password for your your email is securely encrypted just like the credentials of the social accounts are.

You can use BuzzBundle to comment, retweet, reply, and send private messages on Twitter, and Like, post status updates, messages on Facebook, etc without even leaving the program. You can also use it to publish a single post to all your social media accounts at once, without writing them over and over.

BuzzBundle Professional Coupon Code

The Reports section can save detailed information about your posts, comments, likes, shares, retweets etc, so you have readily available stats and progress charts.You can use BuzzBundle to use social media as an SEO campaign, which will drive traffic to your website. This can also be used to get natural and quality backlinks, from those who are writing about your brand but do not link to your site yet. When you post new content, BuzzBundle can publish links to social media instantly, to make sure they are indexed by search engines.

What we like most about BuzzBundle Professional is that it can handle multiple social accounts, which can be used by a single person. So one person can use this software and it will appear as if different people are each handling the accounts separately. This will make your company look professional and engaging with customers, which will help drive business.

Monitor and reach out to more buyers easily over Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, etc with a simple software.

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