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As a premier C++ software development kit, Embarcadero’s C++ Builder is all that you’ll ever need when it comes to developing apps for multiple platforms. If you are looking for built-in technology that lets you instantly compile and generate code for whatever desktop or mobile device you plan to use your app on, C++ Builder’s Clang-based compiler lets you do just that. Even when it comes to designing user interfaces, simply use built-in multi-design conversions to quickly and efficiently transform your work to look and function natively on platforms of your choice. By using C++ Builder, spend less time coding and more time working on building terrific user experiences.


Super Intuitive User Interface

Rather than featuring a unique user interface, C++ instead uses RAD Studio as a host application to launch itself from — the same platform is used if you purchase Embarcadero’s alternate SDKs such as Delphi and HTML5 Builder. Upon starting RAD Studio, simply specify that you want to build an application using C++ Builder and you are given an array of pre-set templates to determine how you want to approach creating your app — Blank Application, Tabbed, Master Detail, Header/Footer, 3D Application, etc. RAD Studio places the UI designing pane to the center of the window, while other app designing components — Structure, Object Inspector, Project Manager, etc. — are conveniently placed on the left and right corners. If you feel lost, the application even provides numerous audio and video tutorials to help you out.

How It Works

C++ Builder makes developing apps with C++ a breeze, thanks in large to an enhanced Clang compiler that lets you seamlessly compile code for whatever platform that you build your app to work on. Unlike alternate compilers, the Clang-enhanced compiler works on multiple operating systems — Windows 32/64-bit versions, Android, and iOS. The application also includes support for alternate language extensions so that you can have even more access to new and powerful code techniques that isn’t yet up to C++ standards. If you are worried about incompatibility between versions, you don’t have to be, since C++ Builder’s completely compatible with older versions — C++ 17 and lower versions. If you have used other C++ IDEs before, you’ll be surprised at how convenient C++ Builder is for all your app developing requirements.

Cross-Platform Support

One of C++ Builder’s strongest points that differentiates it from other C++ IDEs is its ability to provide an unprecedented level of support when it comes to multi-platform app development — the same goes for other Embarcadero products such as Delphi. Thanks to the Clang-enhanced C++ compiler, you no longer have to toil away on learning new coding languages for Windows, OS X, Android, or iOS, since it pretty much compiles code for multiple platforms — just write code for one platform, and C++ Builder takes advantage of the developer libraries and frameworks included within to automatically generate code for the other three platforms. The same goes for UI designing, where the bundled in multi-device designer does the rest of the job for you in creating native-looking apps — even for mobiles.

VLC Development

If you are focused on creating the best possible applications for Windows platforms only, then C++ Builder’s got you covered due to its unprecedented support for the VLC (Visual Component Library) framework. The set of visual components bundled into VLC should allow for rapid development of applications; whether it’s building Windows, Web, Database, or console applications. It doesn’t matter if you are targeting older versions of Windows — Windows 8.1 and below — since you have access to a massive number of controls that allows for completely native looking and functioning applications.

Fast Development Times

C++ Builder’s incredible focus on one compiler, one debugger, one IDE, modern C++, and four platforms result in a lightning fast software development kit, which works seamlessly whether you are looking to build complex scientific, medical, or engineering applications, or just simple mobile apps. The Clang-based compiler lets you develop a single app that works on up to four different platforms — regardless of device specifications — while the built-in debugger allows for instant debugging on whatever platform you wrote the code on. The fact that you can do all of those in the same IDE speaks volumes about the functionality and speed of C++ Builder.

Should I Buy It?

C++ Builder is simply an incredible software development kit to use, especially if you are a software developer who simply don’t have the time to learn new coding techniques and languages to use when it comes to building apps on multiple platforms. Thanks to incredible compilation support that lets you run your app on whatever platform that you want, and an intuitive multi-device designer that allows your app to look and function natively on any device, C++ Builder lets you focus less time on writing code and designing UIs, to more time focusing on creating unique and powerful user experiences. All of those, combined with full-integration support with RAD Studios, make app developing blazing fast. C++ Builder is available in standalone version, or you can get it along with Delphi if you opt for the complete Embarcadero RAD Studio package.