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Getting into the habit of deleting your browsing history, is a good way to prevent the theft of your online transaction details, your identity, including your social network logins, etc.  Though we use the browser everyday, we never delete the browsing data do we?  CCleaner Pro Plus can help you deal with this issue and more.

Unlike the free version of Piriform CCleaner, which requires you to run the application manually, and then selecting the browser cleaning tool, CCleaner Professional can do the same automatically, when you close the web browser.

What about the rest of the data which the program clears with manual scans? Yes, the Pro version can delete the Windows temporary folders and files on a scheduled basis too.  You can use the program to manage the programs which auto start with Windows, and disable the ones which are not needed, thus improving the boot time significantly. Windows 10 ships with a lot of bloatware, and you can uninstall all unwanted applications with CCleaner Professional.

Defraggler Pro, which is part of the CCleaner Pro Plus bundle., can also improve the speed of your computer by reducing the amount of fragmented sectors in your hard drive. The application supports FAT32 and NTFS file systems, on HDDs and SSDs. And Defraggler too, has a task scheduler which can defrag the PC automatically when the system is idle.

Speccy Pro is an excellent hardware monitoring utility, which displays the real-time data regarding your computer’s parts, such as the temperature levels, disk load, etc. You can see the version of every driver installed in the PC, the operating system info, manufacturer and model number of each component.

Recuva Pro can be useful if you accidentally deleted an important file, and you wish to recover the data back, even if you used the Shift Delete combo, or emptied the recycle bin. In fact, you can also recover data from damaged or newly formatted drives. You can use the application with HDDs, USB Flash drives, memory cards, etc.  On the other hand, you can dispose of files securely, by using the shredder tool in Recuva.