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Is your computer running low on storage space, you may want to clean the temporary files on the hard drive. This is where CCleaner Pro Plus enters the stage. The suite includes 4 applications which have been popular among PC users for over a decade.

CCleaner, the main program in the suite, excels at the job of recovering storage space by deleting the unwanted data. But sometimes we may not remember to run the program, and only when the PC’s performance is slow, we notice what the issue is, and then run the cleaner. Fortunately for you, CCleaner Professional can run the data deletion process automatically, at a time and date of your discretion.

Just browsing the internet can also result in a lot of data using up the storage. CCleaner Professional frees up the space, and to protect your privacy, also deletes your browsing cookies and history. All this is done, when you close the web browser.

Another reason why your PC can become slow, is when too many programs are set to run on boot. CCleaner Pro can be used to monitor the startup items, and disable the programs which are not essential.

Speccy Pro is the one stop application which you will need for checking each and every information about the parts on your PC, and also the operating system details, etc. You can use Speccy to monitor your computer’s drivers, and the hardware temperature levels in real-time.

Defraggler Pro is an amazing defragmentation tool, which can speed up your PC’s hard drive or SSD, by placing the sectors used by files next to one another, to ensure the blank space is available for newer files.  The task scheduler can defrag your PC daily, or every week or month. You can use the application on both FAT32 or NTFS File Systems.

Recuva Pro is a life saver, quite literally, for deleted files. The application works with HDDs, USB Flash drives, memory cards, etc. You can also recover files which are on a newly formatted drive, or a damaged drive.  Want to make sure that a file cannot be recovered? Speccy has a built-on file shredder for deleting files securely.