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Copernic Desktop Search Coupon Code

Sick of waiting for Windows Search to list the results of a file you searched for? That is logical, as it does take an enormous amount of time to display the files you wanted. But let me ask you, why should search be limited to files?

What if you could search inside documents, the actual text in the files, and emails? That is absolutely possible with Copernic Desktop Search, and the best part is that, what you search for is available instantly, without any annoying delays.

Copernic Desktop Search has a beautiful interface, which consists of a menubar, a searchbar, a sidebar, and a main pane. It is very user friendly.

The menubar has 4 tabs: File, Tools, View and Help.

The File menu has 3 options. It can be used to export your search results in one of the following formats: HTML, TEXT, XML, CSV and RTF. These can then be opened in a text editor or word processor of your choice. The minimize to tray option sends Copernic Desktop Search to the system tray, where it will continue to run and index content in the background. The exit button will close the program, and will stop the indexing process.

Unlike Cortana or Windows Search, Copernic Desktop Search delivers instant results the moment you key in the search terms. How does this work? Well, Copernic uses indexing, aka a scan of all your documents, files, and emails to create what it calls a searchable map. This scan, when run for the first time can be a bit slow, depending on how many files you have on the computer.

Actually, you can begin searching for content from your email program even when the scan is in progress. When your computer is running, Copernic continues to index it continuously, to update its for the changes you make to files, and new files which you create. This naturally uses a bit of your system resources, but the consumption is minimal, so you may not notice it.

You can use the Tools tab to pause the indexing if you want to. But you should know, that you have control over the Indexing Performance, which you can set under the Tools tab. By selecting the Unrestricted option, you can allow Copernic Desktop Search to use more of your computer’s resources to deliver results faster.

If however, you want more computing power for gaming or other resource intensive tasks, you can switch to the restricted indexing performance mode for low impact.Or you can use the smart mode, for optimized indexing performance, with low impact on resources.

If you wish to manually update the index in Copernic Dekstop Search, for example, to take into account new files which you have copied, you can use the “Update Index” option, to update the entire index, or the specific category which the files belong to.

Windows Search is severely limited, not just in terms of the long time it takes to search for files, but it is limited to local search. But, can it search your network drives? Copernic Desktop Search can and indexes these too, and also works with external devices.

Copernic Desktop Search can search inside files, that’s right, inside documents. So, if you are looking for a receipt for a particular product but don’t know the name of the document, simply search for the product name or anything in it you remember, and the program will do the rest. It will find the document you were looking for. And yes, this works with Microsoft Office Documents, and over 150 file types.

The best part about this? It also works with Microsoft Outlook emails & attachments. You can also use it to search for your contacts. And you don’t even need to have Outlook opened, for the search to work. The program supports PST databases, which contain emails.

Did you know that you can search your browser’s history and bookmarks too? The Indexing and Performance option can be used to set the refresh interval of each file category (Files, Picturesm Music, Videos, Emails, Organizer, Contacts, Favorites and History).

You can set it to index at a time you schedule, or every minute, hour, day, week or month, or as many times in a selected period which we mentioned. You can even set the file size of the index, for example a 20mb limit, and where the file should be saved in.

Copernic Desktop Search Coupon Code

The advanced option here can be set to scan for file types and extensions, which Copernic should search, or should not. The other options here include toggles to display categories, whether the program should run when Windows starts, Search as you type, and more.

The Search bar is where you type the key word you want to search for, similar to how you Google. The results are displayed on the pane below, and you can use the category icons to navigate to each tab, and only view matches which fit the label. The left side bar can be used for filtering or refining the search results based on the date or filename, or a custom filter which you can add. You can use the drop down menu next to the Search button, to narrow down the search to specific activities from the week or day.

You can use Copernic Desktop to search in Text, UTG8 docs, ebooks, PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. It can also search for audio files, videos, pictures, and archive formats such as ZIP, 7Z, RAR, TGZ, and in programming languages (C, C++, C# .NET, Habac, HTML, XML, PHP), etc.

There is a free trial version of Copernic Desktop Search available, which you can try before buying the software.

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