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Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise Coupon Code

Let’s say for example, you get an inquiry call from a potential client, or in a live chat. And you could not pull up the exact file which may have data about estimates, or something relevant which they needed to answer the query, quickly, your client could hang up the call or end the chat. Why? Because you took too long to find the information, and that left a bad impression with the client, about your company.

When it comes to business, time is money. Every second lost could be an actual financial loss. So, you have to ensure your computers are speedy, and can deliver top notch performance. This will result in greater productivity at the work place.

But, we are forgetting something. The human factor, of course, your employees, who are the backbone of every company. Even if your computers are speedy, the efficiency of employees plays an important role for every business. And so does the software and operating systems which you use at the office.

Now, the reason why you can’t find a file quickly can be attributed to two reasons, one you forgot where the file was saved, and two, your Windows computer took a lot of time to search through your files. This is a problem which you need to fix. And you can, with the help of Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise.

Copernic is capable of delivering results instantly, saving you precious seconds, or even minutes. That’s because Copernic constantly monitors your hard drives for new files, or changes made to files, etc. This indexing process saves the results in a database, which the program uses to pin pointing any file without delays, something which Windows Search is incapable of.

How does this benefit enterprises? Well, you can install it on all of your computers, and your IT team, can restrict access to specific sections using Group Policy Objects aka GPOs. This will help your employees search their computers for documents, files, which they have stored on the hard drives.

In fact, Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise is not limited to searching for files, it can actually search inside files. Yes, you can search for content inside documents and the program will list the files which contain the key words you queried for. How amazing is that? This will save you a ton of time, when you want to find a particular order or invoice or memo, etc.

Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise has a great design for its GUI. There are four sections in the program’s interface: A menubar on the top, a search bar just below it, a sidebar to the left edge of the window, and a large pane to the right of the sidebar. As you can see, this makes Copernic a user friendly program.

The menubar’s file tab can be used for exporting your search results to one of 5 document formats: TXT, RTF, HTML, XML and CSV. You can use the document in an editor program, like Microsoft Word to analyze the results. You don’t need to have the Copernic desktop application window open for the program to function, as the minimize to tray option will put it in the background where it monitors your computer for changes to files or new files, and indexes them to its database. You can, if you want to, stop the process, by using the exit button.

The Tools tab has several options to tweak how the program works, such as the Pause Indexing option, which will temporarily stop the indexing of files. If you don’t want to stop the process, you may find the Indexing performance options helpful, as it can be used to set Copernic to use low resources, and still continue indexing files. There are 3 modes for this: Unresricted which uses all possible resources, Restricted which is optimized for low impact, and Smart which will have low impact and is still optimized for indexing the files.

You can use the update index option, to manually complete the indexing of files, which you may find useful when you have disabled or set it to use low resources, but want to include newly copied or downloaded files in the index. There are several categories which you can choose to update specifically: Files, Emails, Organizer, Contacts, Favorites, History, Music, Pictures, and Videos.

And yes, Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise can search inside your email programs, and index emails for their content, and also for your contacts. So, when you want to find a specific email or a contact, you can use the program to search for the same, and this works with most major email programs, including Outlook and its PST database. You don’t need to have the email client open for this to function.

You can access Copernic’s options from the tools menu, to select which email programs and web browsers it should index. For browsers, it can index bookmarks and the browsing history. You can select which folders should be indexed, and a similar option is available to prevent folders from being indexed. Similarly you can also add specific file format extensions from being indexed or blacklist some to prevent indexing of certain formats.

Copernic Desktop Search Enterprise Coupon Code

The Indexing & Performance options can be used to set the refresh interval (for indexing), which you can configure for each file category which we mentioned earlier. You can select the interval to be any number of minutes, hours, days or months.

The side bar in Copernic is the filters panel, which can be used to refine your search to a specific name, or date, or any custom option which you want. To search for files on your computer, just use the search bar and type a name of a file or name of a contact, or any content which you can recall from an email or a document. The large pane below the search bar is where the results appears instantly, as you type the keywords.

If there are multiple hits for your search, the program puts numerical badges on the file category icons displayed above the pane, and you can click on the file type which you wanted to search for. It supports over 150 file types including Text, UTG8 docs, ebooks, PDFs, audio formats, videos, pictures, archive formats, programming languages like C, C++, C# .NET, Habac, HTML, XML, PHP), etc.

You can use it to find content in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

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