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Copernic Desktop Search Server Coupon Code

If your company has an intranet network, to which all of your computers connect, you will be using a centralized system for managing them. Aka, a server.

This is crucial for IT teams, as it can be used to provide tech support for the other computers, and manage the software installed on the systems, as well as to provide security for the computers. It makes it an easier job, tham to manage each computer individually.

Now your employees, the people who actually have to use the computers for day to day work, have to deal with a lot of documents, and often these are stored on the company’s server. In such a scenario, it is not always easy to get the files which you want easily.

For example, if one employee wrote up a document, like a project report, or stored an invoice, and someone else needs to access it, say the accounting department, they have to search for the file on the company’s server. This is more complicated based on what files and the kind of work your company is dealing with. Think about it, the longer the time it takes for an employee to search for documents, the bigger the impact on their productivity. In other words, your company could be losing money because of slow searches.

This problem is easily solveable, thanks to Copernic Desktop Search Server. How does this work? It is a two part process, the first is a server side software, which will index all the files on the server.

The Copernic Search Server will scan all your files, and emails including the contacts and store the information in an index on your server. There is a console for the server side application, which can be used to see what the program has indexed, and is currently scanning. You can control which folders and public mailboxes should be scanned, and which shouldn’t using Group Policy Objects (GPOs). Then you can set an automated schedule for the indexing process, so that it uses optimal server resources.

The index which is stored on your server can be accessed through the Copernic Desktop Enterprise client, installed on the computers in your office. Using the server index, your employees can find the files they want instantly, which makes the search time for files literally non existent. In addition to this, users can also search their local files, i.e. files stored on their computer’s hard drive, in a local index which the program creates.

Let’s see how the Entreprise client works. Copernic Desktop Enterprise has a user friendly interface, which is divided into 5 sections: a menubar, sidebar, searchbar, results pane and a preview pane.

The menubar can be used to export search results to your computer, in one of the following document formats: RTF, TXT, HTML, XML and CSV. It can be used for future analysis. You can send the program to the Windows system tray by using the minimize option, from where it will quietly index files in the background.

Like we mentioned earlier, Copernic can search inside emails once you select your email program’s folder, and this works with Outlook PST databases. Searching in mails does not require the email client to be running.

You can control the way Copernic indexes files, from the Tools tab. This has 3 performance levels, to choose from: Unrestricted, Restricted, and Smart. The first option allows full system resource usage, while the second option will limit the program’s usage so other programs will not be impacted. The Smart option is a mix of both optimal resource usage and indexing. You can temporarily stop the indexing by using the Pause Indexing option.

There is an Update Index option, which can be used to manually index files. This option has selective indexing, as in you can use it only to index a specific category of files. Options for this include: Files, Emails, Organizer, Contacts, Favorites, History, Music, Pictures, and Videos. To change the content which Copernic should index, use the Tools menu’s Options section to restrict or include the folders, files, email programs and web browsers which you have on the computer. Yes, the program can index your browser’s favorites and history, to be searched for. There is a section which can be used to add or remove file format extensions to be indexed or blocked from the search, in the Options section. You can set a schedule for the indexing process of each file category, which you can set scan for files, after a chosen number of minutes, hours, days or months.

The search bar in Copernic’s main screen is the heart of the program. You can change between searching the local index and the server index, by using the dropdown menu next to the bar, anytime you want to. To perform a search just type in the key word like you would do on Google, and Copernic will begin displaying the results as you type.

You can preview the files from the results panel, and it will be displayed on the bottom of the window. So, let’s say you are searching for an image, you don’t have to open it in a photo previewer application, as simply selecting it in the results of Copernic, will display it within the program’s GUI.

Copernic’s side bar can be used to filter the search result, to search for files of a specific date, name, or a custom search. Results with multiple hits, are displayed in a user friendly way, with badge counts on the icon of each category below the search bar, so it is easy to find which file you were looking for. The program supports 150+ file formats, including all document formats, audio, video, images, archives, and even programming languages.

So you can use Copernic to search for files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, StarOffice, and in email programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Eudora, and browsers like Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

This software once installed on your computers will help your employees find the content they are looking for instantly. Basically this is a multiple user program, which has a single index. There are no limitations on the number of files it can support.

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