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How often do you share photos which you have taken, on the internet? We all do this once in a while, but some of you may be sharing pictures on a daily basis.

What exactly do you look for in a picture, before sharing it online? It has to be bright, colourful, and sharp. After all, nobody likes a blurry and messy photo.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have a professional camera like a DSLR, to take a good quality photo. Many people believe that smartphone cameras aren’t capable of snapping good pictures, because of over exposure or artificial looking color saturation.

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That’s not true at all. We have seen plenty of professional photographers taking brilliant photos of famous places around the world, with iPhones and Android phones, to prove the “expensive camera requirement” is a myth.

All you need to do is to ensure that your smartphone’s camera has advanced settings such as exposure, HDR, ISO, resolution, etc. Of course, having a phone whose camera aperture is large, does help, as it can take in more light, allowing for better looking photos even in low light conditions. and try to avoid using the flash as it just distorts colours. Most such modern smartphone cameras support RAW format images, which you can edit with a software on your computer, to enhance the photo’s look, so it appears really professional.

Now, there are many software out there which can do the job for you. But which one is the best? Allow us to make the right choice for you, with Corel AfterShot Pro.

The mere fact that it is from the developers behind CorelDRAW should speak volumes about AfterShot Pro’s quality. And that is exactly what we are going to analyse here.

Let’s begin with the design of the interface. AfterShot Pro has a dark theme, which is quite similar to PaintShop, and that is a good thing because it gives it a nice pleasant look.

On the top of the UI, there is the standard menu bar with File, Edit, and View options.

The File tab allows you to perform basic file operations including opening and saving an image, as well as install Plugins, Cameras and printing an image.

The Edit tab is a bit more comprehensive, in that it does not contain just copy and paste options, but so much more. In addition to selecting and deselecting parts of an image, you can actually copy the settings of one image and apply it to another.

Corel AfterShot Pro

Cursor Mode allows you to crop images, use the Red Eye, Straighten the mage, switch to Circle, Polygon, Circle and Brush region modes. The Rotation option lets you switch the angle of the image by 90/180 degrees and also clockwise and anti clockwise.

The Exposure option can be used for adjusting the brightness of the image. The White Balance lets you increase or decrease the tint and the temperature settings of the image.

The Ratings option lets you assign a star rating to an image, while the Labels option allows you to give a colored label to it. So as you can see the editor in AfterShot Pro, offers totally non destructible editing options, meaning you can revert to the original image, and discard any changes you make with it.

A huge advantage in AfterShot Pro, is that it has an option which allows you to edit images with an external editor. So you can use it with any image editing software of your choice, and view the history of images you have opened. It also lets you view the EXIF info (resolution, filename, size, device info) etc, and also create a slideshow of images.

The sidebar panel on the left, has three options: Output, File System and Library.

The Output tab lets you pick the image format size, printing options, and more. The File System lets you browse the directories, which you can use to load your images. The library has a catalog of the images you have worked with, along with a metadat browser which you can use to add tags to link them to the catalogs.

Just to the right of the sidebar, is a small bar which displays the thumbnail preview of the images, clicking on which will switch to the image.

The center portion of AfterShot Pro is the workspace UI, where the image can be viewed. Just above it is a toolbar with the star rating selector, labels, flag and rotation options which we mentioned earlier.

You can zoom in and out in the image with your mouse’s scroll wheel, and use the toolbar on the bottom for cursor control options.

The sidebar panel on the right hand side, offers a plethora of options. The Standard view includes a histogram and basic editing options such as White Balance, Sharpening, Straightening, etc.

The Color tab has color correction and color balance, white balance and color management options. The Tone tab has the exposure settings for the image, while the Detail tab has sharpening, RAW Noise and Perfectly Clear Noise removal, along with Lens Correction, Mirror and Invert options.

You can view the image’s properties from the Metadata tab, and also add keywords to it.

The Watermark tab offers perhaps the software’s most powerful options. It allows you add a text watermark or an image watermark to your pictures, along with advanced options such as the opacity, the size, alignment, rotation and more. It can also be used to add borders and frames to watermarks.

Using these options you can highlight parts of an image, remove blemishes, and batch edit photos quickly, which includes adding watermarks too. You can easily install camera profiles, and add plugins to AfterShot Pro for more advanced editing options.

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