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Which office software suite do you use? It doesn’t matter really, what actually matters is what the software is capable of. What features does it have, does it have a good design, does it run on modern operating systems like Windows 10?

The thing is most people ignore these questions, and go blindly for the most expensive software available on the market. And then they are stuck with a complicated software which is not even user friendly, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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User friendliness is by far the most important thing to look for in a software, and that is exactly why we chose to go with Corel Office. And yes it is made by the same guys who developed CorelDRAW. That literally guarantees quality in itself.

Let’s take a closer look at the interface of Corel Office. Before that, you should now that the suite consists of three applications, Corel Write, Corel Show, and Corel Calculate.

Corel Write is a Microsoft Word replacement and is used for working with word files, which as you know is the most commonly used document format. The interface of the word processor is very well designed, with a ribbon UI.

The centre portion of the screen, is the white space area where you enter your text and insert images. There are two ruler bars, one on top of the editor and one on the left edge.

The right side of Corel Office Write’s interface, houses a Recent Files & Folders sidebar. This is  actually called a Task Pane (in the menu), and lets you open recent files, save files, open recent folders quickly. You can pin it or close it, and re-add it from the View option in the toolbar mentioned below.

There is a toolbar on top of the UI. This is where the ribbons are, and clicking on one changes the toolbar to reflect the corresponding options. There are six menu options on this bar, they are File, Home, Insert, Page Layout, Tools and View.

The File menu is an actual menu which pops-up when you click the button, and houses basic operations such as opening, saving and printing files. It also lets you view the document’s properties.

The Home menu option has options to customize the font styling, size, text formatting options like Bold, Italics, Underline, Strike Out. You can also insert subscripts and superscripts for characters like X₂ and X² respectively.

The Clipboard section, is very useful because it not only lets you cut, copy and paste content, but also the format of a text selection.

The large AAA button is useful for changing text to lowercase and uppercase, without having to type the entire content. This should not be confused with the other AAA button which has an eraser icon, which lets you clear all text formatting from the selected text.

The paragraph section allows you to add bulleted lists, numbered lists, align text, adjust the text indentation, display paragraph marks, change the border style and colouring and more.

The Styles ribbon lets you adjust the font style based on what the text is about, for example a heading, paragraph, etc. The Editing section lets you find and replace text, go to a specific word, and also select text.

The Insert menu comprises of a lot of advanced options which you can add to the document, such as Shapes, Tables, Pictures, Captions, Symbols and more.

The available Shapes includes geometrical objects, arrows, lines, common shapes, flowchart symbols, text bubbles, action buttons, etc.If you wish to insert page breaks to your file, the Insert menu is where you should be looking at. The same applies for hyperlinks to webpages, mail merge and date/time fields.

The Page Layout menu does exactly what it is named after, but also offers a great deal of cusomization including the style of margins, orientation, page size, columns, and also lets you pick the color of the page, workspace, etc.

You can also set the default indent and spacing that text in your paragraph must follow.

The Tools ribbon menu bar houses the Macros, and Mail Merging options. It also has options for checking the spelling and grammar of the text content. The Thesaurus option is a handy tool for enriching the document with a neat choice of vocabulary.

A major advantage in Corel Office, is that it has an Autocorrect setting, which can be used for correcting erroneous spellings and typos quickly. There is a word count tool, which can be used for checking how long your document is, should there be a minimum word limit for your assignment or book.

The View options let you switch to the Fullscreen view, zoom in and out, adjust the [page and margin width, and also toggle the ruler bars and the task pane (right side bar). You can open a new window in Write and switch to it using this menu bar.

Corel Show is a Microsoft Powerpoint replacement which let you create slideshows.

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Corel Calculate is a Microsoft Excel alternative which you can use for making spreadsheets.

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Both these applications have interfaces similar to Corel Write, with the only differences being in the workspace style and some of the menu options, which correspond to the application’s functionality.

Corel Office allows you to create PDF files too, simply hit the save button and select the format. And it has built-in support for sharing files online to services like Dropbox.

The software suite is fully compatible with Windows 10 (both 34 and 64 bit), and runs on PCs with just 256MB RAM too. We tested it on a machine with 4 gigabytes of RAM, and multitasked across the three main apps in Corel Office without running into a single lag.

You can use Corel Office on 3 computers with a single-user license. How incredible is that?

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