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A picture can speak a thousand words. But not all of them will be of top quality. Can you imagine how a blurry picture of a fantastic moment would look like?

Very often, we tend to take pictures of our precious moments in life, using whatever camera we had with us at that minute. Usually this is a smartphone’s camera. These are not always the best options to snap a picture, unless you have a really expensive flagship phone with a superb lens.

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But such issues, i.e, blurry or dull photos, can also occur even if you were using a professional camera. The reasons behind these can be many, but more commonly the problem is low lighting, or incorrect settings which can cause the exposure to be off the charts. Another issue with bad quality photos is improper focusing, often caused by a shake, or a sudden shift in the object you were focusing on.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and Electronic Image Stabilization, are advanced technologies used in many modern phone camera’s which result in blur-free photos and videos. Again, these aren’t the most economical solution for the average person.

But more importantly, how do you fix photos which are blurry and distorted? What if you wanted to add various cool effects to your pictures, like text, gradient editing, and even paint or draw on it. Is this at all possible?

Certainly it is, there are many software which offer you such options, but the problem is that not all of these applications, have all the features you need. So you will end up downloading multiple programs just to use each feature.

Don’t worry, there is a perfect solution for this problem. One software to rule them all, PaintShop Pro. The photo editing software suite, is a product from Corel, the developers behind the legendary drawing suite CorelDRAW.

Let’s analyze why it is the best photo editing software. And what better way to start, than the interface of PaintShop Pro. It is drastically different to the other products from the company. The interface sports a dark theme, with a brilliant modern design, which makes working with the software a real joy.

To the top of the UI, PaintShop Pro has three options: Manage, Adjust and Edit. Clicking on one of these will change the entire UI with the corresponding tools for each.


This is your basic file management view, which is sort of a file explorer. To the extreme left, there is a directory tree, which shows you a list of the folders on your PC and the one which you are currently in. Selecting a folder using this panel, will display a thumbnail preview of the pictures in that folder, in the center of the screen.

Just below the preview panel, is a toolbar which consists of various shortcuts, including an option to disbale the Navigation Bar mentioned above. Other options include setting the image as your desktop wallpaper, sharing the image, zooming, and more.

In the far right of the Manage window, is another sidebar, called the Info panel. This contains the following options:

General – Displays the file name, the date it was created on, tags, captions, the file size and resolution of the photo.
EXIF – Displays the Exchangeable image file format info, including the camera data (camera model, lens resolution aperture, date taken, etc)
IPTC – Contains the metadata information about the creator, text caption, etc
People – Displays the name of the person whose face you have tagged in the picture.
Places – Displays the name and location of the place you have tagged in the image.


This tab is quite advanced in that it offers a great variety of photo enhancement options. The left sidebar of this window has the following options:

Red Eye
Clone Brush

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It also has a Smart Photo Fix, with presets for optimizing your image. This section has some panels for adjusting the Brightness, Shadows, Highlights, and Saturation.

The White Balance options lets you adjust the Temperature and the Tint of the image.

Likewise you can also adjust the Brightness/Contrast, Fill Light/Clarity,
Vibrancy Strength, Local Tone Mapping, High Pass Sharpen and Digital Noise Removal.

The center of the Adjust window consists of two panes. The first one is the image preview window, which also lets you zoom in and out, save the image, rotate it and share it on Facebook, Flickr or Google.

The lower pane is the organizer, which is basically an image browser which you can use to scroll through your image library horizontally. It has a toolbar similar to the one in the Manage Window.

The right sidebar of the Adjust window, is home to an Instant Effects panel. This consists of a plethora of preset filters, which lets you pick from one of the following categories: Artistic, Black and White, Film Styles, Landscape, Portrait, Retro, Traditional, even which you have customized and more.

Any effect that you choose is instantly reflected in the small previe window at the top of the panel.


The center portion of this window, is the workspace area where you edit your images. There is a toolbar on the top which allows you to perform basic File operations, has the Editing options, and options to switch to various View modes, work on the Image’s properties, Adjust the image’s parameters, add Effects to your photos, manage Layers, draw Objects, manage Selections, toggle various Window options and more. Just below it are shortcuts to some of the aforementioned options.

The left sidebar has various tools for drawing, painting, adding text, captions and more. The right sidebar houses the Materials section, which has a color palette and the Layers tab.

You can also use PaintShop Pro for batch actions like adding watermarks, resize, work with RAW format images, and even use the program on 4K monitors.

Buy PaintShop Pro at a very affordable price, and save with our exclusive discount code. If you want to make your dull photos look like masterpieces, this is the only software you will need.