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How often do you take pictures? We all do that, at least once a week or day. And some of us do snap a look of photos.

Usually it is for treasuring precious moments in our life, but occasionally we do take pictures simply for the sake of doing so. This is more common amongst the younger folk, who tend to share the images they snapped, on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, to name a few.

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A lot of people use such networks to build a huge fan base too. Yes it is an easy way to get a large audience for your business. It also works for individuals who have special talents or are specialists in certain fields like say cooking or art or makeover artists.

Now, you can just snap a photo and simply put it on the internet. Not unless you have some skill behind the camera, or if your device has a spectacular lens, capable of taking incredibly fine images.

This isn’t always the case, as most devices, and by that we mean smartphone cameras, aren’t exactly good enough to take a picture which is worth viewing on a large screen.

But we do come across some beautiful photos, which are unbelievably amazing, and the owner says he or she took it using their smartphone’s camera. It certainly is astounding, but the thing which surprises most people is that, even though they have the same phone (camera), they can’t get the same results.

The secret here is that taking a good photo requires some skill, i.e., you gotta know how to tinker with the camera’s settings. And this doesn’t mean zooming in, adding filters, and more. These could ruin your images and make them look blurry and dull.

You need to learn how to work with natural lighting, ISO settings, focusing, and taking RAW images. These will ensure that your picture looks great, and can also make it possible for editing them on your computer.

Speaking of which, do you know which software you will e using to make your photos top notch?

Don’t you worry about making a choice, for we have one which is perfect, PaintShop Pro Ultimate. The name should sound familiar, as it is made by Corel, who are the developers of the popular image editing suite, CorelDRAW.

Let’s start by taking a looking at the UI of PaintShop Pro Ultimate. At fist glance it looks identical to PaintShop Pro, and you are not wrong. The Ultimate version is exactly the same, but with some minor differences. On a general scale though, the interface is quite different when compared to Corel’s other software.

Paintshop Pro Ultimate features a dark theme, with a ribbon interface, allowing for a great and user friendly experience.

The software has three buttons on the top, which represent Manage, Adjust and Edit. Selecting either one of these, will change the UI, to one with tools relevant to the option you chose.

The Manage tab is basically a file management tool, similar to a File Explorer, which you have in Windows. The folder tree view is on the left side of the UI, and you can use this pane to switch between directories.

Doing so will display a set of images which are available in the folder. The thumbnail previews of these images are displayed on the pane in the middle of the screen.

There is a toolbar right below this preview pane, which houses shortcuts for a lot of functions including zooming, sharing options, and also one which lets you set an image as your desktop background.

The side-bar on the right has options to display the file name, size, tags, etc along with more advanced information, such as the EXIF info which includes the camera details, the IPTC details (creator, captions), people and places (face recognition and geo tagging)

The second main tab, Adjust is the image enhancer part of PaintShop Pro Ultimate. It has a sidebar on the left which consists of the following options: Crop, Straighten, Red Eye, Makeover and Clone Brush.

The Smart Photo Fix has presets and panels, selecting which transforms the image in accordance with the selected properties, like the Brightness, Shadows, Highlights, Saturation, White Balance,

Other options which can be adjusted are Brightness/Contrast, Fill Light/Clarity, Vibrancy Strength, Local Tone Mapping, High Pass Sharpen and Digital Noise Removal.

Just like the Manage tab, the Adjust UI also has a preview panel. In addition to this, there is a secondary pane in Adjust, below the Preview pane, which lets you browse through your photos, and also has a toolbar for zooming, saving, rotating the image and even share it on some social networks directly.

The Adjust window has a sidebar on the right which has a lot of preset filters, and a small preview window. Selecting one of these Instant Effects (Artistic, Black and White, Film Styles, Landscape, Portrait, Retro, Traditional) displays a preview of the image in the small window on the top. You can also customize the preset to a great extent.

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The Edit tab’s UI is similar to most image editors. There is a sidebar on the left for drawing, painting, adding text to your images. The toolbar of the Edit UI has some options to change the View, edit the image’s properties and parameters, and also lets you add various effects to the image. Additionally, you can manage layers and selections, draw various shapes, and alter various Windows.

The central part of the Edit UI, is the main workspace area where the image is placed to be worked upon. The sidebar on the right features a color palette and also lets you manage the image’s layers.

Paintshop Pro Ultimate can also be used to perform batch editing for resizing images, adding watermarks, edit RAW images. The software is fully compatible with 4K Ultra HD monitors.

In addition to these the Ultimate version of PaintShop Pro has 4 new features:

ON1 Perfect Effects, Corel AfterShot, Perfectly Clear 2 SE and Creative collection.

The Perfect Effects option consists of hundreds of filters which are customizable, and also allows you to view the image preview in real time as you edit on the go. You can use multiple filters at once and blend them.

Corel AfterShot is a tool which allows you to edit and convert RAW photos to make them look as realistic as possible in their true color. It also lets you organize and search your photo collections too.

Perfectly Clear 2 SE is used for enhancing the sharpness of the image without compromising on the colors in it.

Creative collection as the name suggests is a collection of photos, which consist of royalty-free backgrounds, brushes and textures.

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