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What is the word which comes to mind when you hear Photoshop. If you think photos, you are right, but if you think brushes or vectors or the like, you are a graphic designer or an artist.

Now, when somebody asks a graphics designer how on earth you produced a digital masterpiece, with a mouse and a high end graphics suite, they are likely to smile, not just to appreciate the compliment, but that people think merely having Photoshop, is enough to draw and design a full work of digital art.


If you are new to Photoshop, allow us to answer no, it is not enough. You need some special tools for polishing the images to high definition quality. Brushes are a good example, no we are not talking about real life brushes, but the Photoshop plugins of the same name.

Many artists use custom brush plugins, for special effects. This could even be their signature design. Similarly you can also use your own brush plugins for enhancing your images. And now we step on to a bigger problem, which brushes to choose from?

Honestly, with the plethora of brushes available to choose from, it is an impossible task to say which ones are the best. But we do have a brilliant collection of brushes to recommend as our favorite. These together, in one collective pack, come in the form of Corel ParticleShop.  And yes, it is from the same company which makes the brilliant graphics editor CorelDRAW. So what is Corel ParticleShop for anyway?

Corel ParticleShop is a brush and layers tool, which is powered by Corel’s own graphic editing program, Corel Painter. It allows you to perform nondestructive editing of images, in graphical design applications, which support layers. This is done with the help of layer duplicating. You can do this from the layers panel in the right panel of Photoshop. Basically, this creates a copy of the original image, on which you will work. So this means the original image is not changed in any way, hence the term non-destructive.

What it does is that, it adds particle based effects when you draw with a selected brush. There are 11 brushes available in Corel ParticleShop. You can see them below.

From left to right, the brushes are: Dust and Debris, Fabric, Fine Art, Flame, Fur, Hair, Light it Up, Smoke and Steam, Spaced Out, Storm, Superhero. Each of these have a multitude of options available to pick from. So you’re getting an incredible amount of choices. Each effect is unique, and provides a simple way to transform an ordinary photo, into a breathtaking masterpiece.

How to use Corel ParticleShop in Adobe Photoshop. Ir’s quite simple really, you install it like any other Photoshop plugin (create a shortcut from the installation folder of Corel ParticleShop and place it in the plugin folder of Photoshop). To bring up ParticleShop’s quick launcher, click on the Window option in the menubar on top of Adobe Photoshop.

Select the Extensions options, and then click on the ParticleShop option. This will bring up a small launcher for the plugin. It has options for selecting the layers to work with, and has options to duplicate the active layer, the visible layers below and merge it with the active layer, or just the active layer (which is the one you have selected in the Layers panel).

ParticleShop’s UI is quite simple. There is a sidebar on the left with the following options. Brush, Eraser, Blender, Eye Dropper, and the Color Wheel (palette). The top of the interface has the property bar with options to edit the brush settings, like the brush size, pressure sensitive brush size changer, brush opacity, options for zooming, undo, redo etc. On the right side, you have the brush options themselves. This is where you can select the brush and its sub-selections.

Now, to add effects to a photo, open one. Let’s say you have a painting of a volcano or a burning forest or medieval building or something. You can enhance it by selecting the “Flame” brush from Particleshop. This will let you paint various styles of fiery flames to the painting. That’s pretty cool, right?

Similarly, you can use the other brushes for all kinds of photos and paintings, be it a naturistic landscape, or an abstract wallpaper, or a HDR photo you clicked. The brushes’ effects have realistic physics, so it will follow your mouse stroke with precision. Have a photo with a rainy background, add some lightning effects to it. What about a windy image? Add some dust, or if a person is in the photo, make their hair flow. Comic artist who wants to add special effects to your superhero? You can add that too. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Your newly created effects will be saved as individual layers, which can also be merged using the layers panel. And you can rework on it of course, to make more changes. The ease with which you can add and remove or adjust these effects, is truly incredible, and you can create digital masterpieces in seconds. The built-in editor is highly customizable when it comes to textures, and this in itself is what gives the brushes limitless potential.

The brilliance of Corel ParticleShop, is that it works on all forms of Adobe Photoshop, regardless if it is macOS X 10.9+ or Windows 7 64-bit or above. In fact, Corel ParticleShop works on tablets, touch screen devices where you can use them with a pressure sensitive stylus, and normal computers with a mouse.

Buy Corel ParticleShop at the best price you can find, and save with our exclusive discount code. It is fully  compatible with professional graphics editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe  PhotoshopElements, CorelDRAW, Corel PainShop Pro, and Corel Photo Paint. You can use a single license, to use ParticleShop on up to three machines (Windows or Mac).