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Most people work with documents everyday, while some do so on ocassion. Usually, this involves a document file which someone emailed to them as an attachment.

The problem with this is, not everyone uses the same format. For example I often get documents sent to me in two formats: PDF and DOCX. The fact that these files are usually not very mobile friendly, means that unless I am at my work PC, I can’t read them, thanks to their large size and formatting style.

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But on occasion my inbox does receive some XLS, PPT files too, and these definitely need a PC to be read or viewed properly. The same can be said about other popular formats which serve different purposes, like PSD files for Graphics.

What people tend to forget quite often, is that the person they are sending the file to, may not have a compatible software, with which they can open the file. I mean if you don’t have an Office software suite installed on your PC, you may not be able to open the Excel, Word or PowePoint files.

Naturally you will look for some software to view these documents with. Then again, this software could only support a few formats, and to open other files, you will be installing more and more software.

This could eat up on your hard drive’s storage space, and also clutter your computer with a lot of folders, icons, and even make your desktop or Start Menu look like a real mess. And we must take into account, how much of a burden this could be on your wallet.

What if there was one software which could open all these files? Just one software? Is this even possible? Of course it is, and that’s exactly what we are going to introduce to you.

Meet Corel PDF Fusion, from the developers of CorelDRAW. Let’s take a closer look at why you should use it over its rivals.

For starters, the interface of Corel PDF Fusion, is simple and aesthetically pleasing. The GUI consists of five sections: A menu bar, a tab bar, the document viewer, a status bar and a sidebar.

Now don’t go thinking that PDF Fusion can just open files. It can create documents too, how incredible is that? You can save documents in three formats: PDF, XPS and DOC.

The menubar’s File menu allows you to perform file operations including opening and creating documents, print files and more. Corel PDF Fusion supports over 100 file formats including PDF, XPS, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, XLT, PPT, PPTX, and also supports file types used by Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Visio to name a few. It can also be used to open image formats like JPG, PNG and TIF.

As a bonus, you can choose the email option under the file menu, to directly email your PDF or XPS document.

The Edit menu can be used for basic editing options like copy, paste, etc. The View menu houses options for zooming,switching Page, Flick and Assembly View modes. You can also use it to fit the document to the Page or Width, and shift between Continuous and Page View for easier reading options.

The Document menu is more powerful than the Edit menu, for it has some advanced options. It allows you to add new pages, extract or delete existing pages, and also rotate pages so you can use them in landscape or portrait orientations.

You can also use it for adding bookmarks to your documents, so the reader can jump between pages/chapters easily with a click of the mouse. It also lets you insert hyperlinks for other files or even websites.

An interesting option under the Document menu, is that it lets you add comments to your document. This can be a text or a note, and you can add special formatting like highlight, underline or strike out text too.

Worried whether people can edit your document and re-publish it as their own? You can prevent this by using the Security options, also available under the Document menu, and this includes setting a password to open the file.

If you want to add watermarks to your PDF, you can do so and also customize the text’s font style, color, size, opacity, and position too.

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The last option under the Document menu is for Corel Batch Converter, which is actually a standalone application. As the name suggests, it can be used for converting multiple files at once. It supports three output formats: PDF, DOC and XPS.

The Advanced menu option lets you redact sensitive information in the document and save it securely. The Windows menu lets you enable or disable the various toolbars, the navigation sidebar, and the menubar itself.

The tab bar lets you switch between the various documents you have opened, just like a web browser does. This is useful if you are creating a new PDF using multiple documents as a source.

The document viewer area, which takes up most of the screen space, is the central portion of PDF Fusion’s UI. It has a toolbar on the right which can be used for switching between the various view modes we mentioned above, and a vertical scroll bar which can be used for navigating through the different pages in the document.

The navigation bar, which when enabled from the Windows menu, appears on the left side of the document viewer.

Towards the far right edge of the UI, is a sidebar, with a lot of shortcuts for basic file operations and editing options. The status bar, seen on the bottom of the UI, displays he page’s layout, zooming options, and page mode selection options.

Buy Corel PDF Fusion at the lowest price you will ever get, and save with our exclusive discount code. Its ease of use and support for almost every known document format truly makes PDF Fusion as one software to view them all.