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Most of us don’t have professional cameras, and certainly not the ones which we can carry around with us all the time. And we never know when something incredibly adorable, or even really funny happens. But we do want to save the precious moment, don’t we?

And the cameras which we do have readily are usually smartphones, which have average lenses, unless you have an expensive phone with a good quality camera. Nevertheless, unless you know how to manually tinker with the phone camera’s settings, you are not going to get the best results, which is only usually possible with a DSLR.

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Of course we do, one good picture can speak volumes and bring a smile to our
faces, even after many years have passed since that moment. The same can be
said about videos too.

Speaking of which, videos often tend to deliver worse results than photos do. This can be because of unsteady hands, or even the environment, which can often be crowded, or even because of uneven terrain, or when you shoot videos while moving.

What people tend to forget is that videos pick up a lot of unwanted chatter, aka background noise, and these totally ruin the video experience.

So how do you solve these problems? You have to use some professional software to tweak your photo, and another to edit your videos. Naturally this means buying two products. This isn’t the most economical situation for many, as such editing tools tend to be quite a burden on our wallets.

How do we fix this problem then? It is quite simple really. What if you could buy both a Photo Editing software and a Video Editing software, together, as one single bundle? That’s exactly what Corel Photo Video Suite is all about.

The name should sound familiar, and that is because of the company’s flagship product, the brilliant drawing and painting software, CorelDRAW.

Corel Photo Video Suite consists of the following products PaintShop Pro and VideoStudio Pro.

Let’s take a look at both software, one after the other.

PaintShop Pro has a nice modern interface, with a dark theme. It really complements the associated workspace, making working with it quite a pleasant experience.

There is a toolbar on the top of the interface, which has three options: Manage, Adjust and Edit. Selecting one, will change the UI to one with tools for the corresponding option.

Manage has a File Explorer like interface, which has two panes. The one on the left displays a directory tree, which displays the list of folders on your hard drive. Selecting a folder will display the previews of images in that folder, on the right pane.

The toolbar below the preview window, has some shortcuts for disabling the directory tree, setting the picture as your desktop background, zooming options and sharing the image on social networks.

To the right side, there is the Info panel sidebar, which displays the file information (size, resolution, name,etc) and the EXIF info of the device the image was taken with, the ITPC metadata, People and Places tags.

The Adjust UI has a sidebar which lets you tweak the image by cropping, straightening it and also has options for red eye, makeover and clone brush. You can use the Smart Photo Fix which has presets for altering the image’s parameters like the Brightness, Shadows, Highlights, Saturation, White Balance, Brightness/Contrast, Fill Light/Clarity, Vibrancy Strength, Local Tone Mapping, High Pass Sharpen and Digital Noise Removal.

The Adjust window also has a preview panel and a toolbar with the same options, that is present in the Manage tab. The lower pane also has an image browser, which you can scroll through horizontally.

The sidebar on the right, is called the Instant Effects panel, which has presets with various filters, and choosing one is reflected in the preview window on top of it. These are the available presets include Artistic, Black and White, Film Styles, Landscape, Portrait, Retro, Traditional and you can choose custom ones.

The Edit UI has a workspace area in the center, where you view and edit the images. The toolbar on top allows you to perform File operations, Edit. adjust View modes, alter the Image’s properties and parameters, add Effects, manage Layers, draw Objects, manage Selections, toggle Window options and more.

The sidebar on the left sidebar has the basic tools for drawing, painting, adding text, captions, etc. The sidebar on the right, called the Materials section, and has a color palette and the Layers tab.

PaintShop Pro also allows you to add watermarks, resize, supports RAW image editing and even works with 4K monitors.

Corel VideoStudio has a superb ui, the color of which looks similar to the dark theme of PaintShop. It has three main options: Capture, Edit and Share.

The Capture window, as the name suggests allows you to capture videos. The right pane has this option, and lets you record videos when you have a camera connected to your computer. Additionally, you can also use a DV tape, or your CamCorder to create stop motion animations. The fourth option, screen capture, allows you to record your screen and make it into a video. This is also available as a standalone tool called Corel ScreenCap.

To the left hand side, there is a video player, which lets you preview the video, while the lower half of the screen displays the information about the video.

The Edit window also has the same video player on the left, while the lower half has the timeline of the video, where you can cut, copy, paste and perform other editing functions including subtitles, mixing sounds, and more. To the right of the video player, is a vertical toolbar with shortcuts which allows you to add media, instant projects, transition, title, graphic, filters and paths.

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Right next to it is a media browser which contains thumbnail previews of your videos, and you can change the view of this window.

The Share window lets you convert your videos into various different formats like the share your edited videos AVI, MPEG-4, WMV, MOV, and also view its properties. You can also share your videos online on YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo.

Corel VideoStudio also comes with FastFlick, which lets you create your own movies easily, and you can even use built-in templates.

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