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Taking the perfect photo, is not something everyone is capable of. Just having a professional camera like a DSLR does not guarantee good results. And likewise having just a smartphone doesn’t necessary mean you cannot expect quality photos.

A lot of photos which you see on Flickr, Instagram, and other social networks are actually those which were taken on smartphones.

You need a proper technique while taking pictures. This means having a steady hand, focus on the onject, proper lighting, and a good knowledge of the smartphone’s camera settings. It may be a bit technical for new users, but once you get the hang of changing the ISO quality and the White Balance you will become a master photographer.

Corel PhotoImpact Coupon Code

But regardless of how much you know about taking snaps, sometimes the end result is not always a good one. We can’t just throw away these pictures, because you can’t relive the moment. Some of these photos could be very nostalgic.

So how do you fix this problem? Is there a way to make the photos look better? Is it even possible to change the quality of a picture, to one that people will like?

Absolutely you can, and all you need is the right tool for the job. And this is why we recommend Corel PhotoImpact. Yes, it is from the developers of CorelDRAW, and that alone should impress you, right?

There is more, and let’s see exactly how. We will start by analyzing the interface of Corel PhotoImpact. The GUI is quite simplistic, and is devoid of a ribbon interface, which is a good thing, because ribbon interfaces can often be distracting or even clunky.

Corel PhotoImpact has two UI’s of sorts. An ExpressFix and a Full Edit UI. As you may have guessed from the names, the ExpressFix is a minimal UI with basic editing options.

The main workspace of the ExpressFix UI consists of three tabs: Before, After, and Dual View. The first shows the original image, the second one shows the image with the effects added to it, while the last one shows both images side by side, so you can compare them together.

Below the workspace, there is the image preview section. To the right side, you have a sidebar which consists of the following options: SmartCurves, White Balance, Reduce Noise and MonoChrome.

Just below these, you will find some advanced options for greater customization. The parameters you can adjust are Overall Exposure, Color Saturation, Focus, Beautify Skim and Enhance Lighting.

The bottom right corner of the sidebar has some presets which you can switch to, and doing so will instantly change the effect of the image in the workspace. You can customize the presets as well. If you don’t have a lot of time to sit and work on improving an image, go with the ExpressFix UI.

If you are looking for more advanced editing options, you will find the Full Edit UI of Corel PhotoImpact very useful, because it has an incredible number of tools, for perfecting your picture.

Corel PhotoImpact

The main workspace is much larger, and this is because you can actually have multiple images and work on them together, which makes it great for multi-tasking or even preparing a collage.

To the left is a toolbar on the side with a wide variety of options, which include Pick, Selection, Path, Text, Crop, Transform, Red Eye, Paint Brush, Stamp, Touch-Up, Eraser, Bucket Fill, Zoom, Eye Dropper and more.

When you select one of the aforementioned tools, a toolbar appears just above the workspace area, with options which correspond to your selection.

On the right side of Corel PhotoImpact, there is a sidebar panel which consists of three sections.

The Easy Palette has two main options, the first is the Galleries which has settings for choosing the Fill, Photo Effects, Photo Frame, Style, Brush, Stamp, Particle, Creative Lighting, Animation, Button, and several text effects, tasks and allows access to your Galleries. There is a Layers section for managing your layers and selections.

The Quick Command panel allows you to manage the Overall Exposure, SmartCurves and White Balance.

The Libraries tab allows you to select various effects for your Image, Mask, Shape, Outline, Text, Path, Template, DVD Menu, Photo Project, Calendar and My Library. Speaking of which, PhotoImpact can be used for creating graphics for your slide shows, videos, DVD menus, Comic strips, Calendars and Greeting cards.

The top half of PhotoImpact’s UI, houses the standard menubar. The File menu lets you perform basic file operations, as well as and also lets you choose an external source for the image (including a Digital Camera or a Scanner).

The Edit menu has the copy, paste options along with settings to rotate the image, stitch the images, fade, mask, etc.

The Adjust menu lets you choose the image’s style such as the color, resizing and more. The Photo menu has options for editing and adding various settings for Light, Color, Focus, Lens Distortion, Red Eye and also add cool effects like Blur, Sharpen, Noise, HDR and many filters.

You can add watermarks to your images, or create DVD menus, add lighting, fills and textures effects with the, you guessed it, the Effects menu. Likewise, you can manage your selections, objects from their respective menus, while the Web menu lets you add HTML content and other web based options.

The View menu lets you switch between various screen fits and zooming options, while the Window menu lets you enable or disable the toolbars and sidebars which you see in the UI.

When we tested the software, we found it to be very impressive. As you can see from the image featured above, the effect changed the photo to be more colorful, while still retaining a natural look, and this was with a single click of the mouse.

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